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When they say try it risk free that's a joke! I specifically noted that I did NOT want re-occuring shipments of the product, but yet 30 days after my first 60 day supply was shipped, I was sent another shipment and $38.94 was charged to my credit card.

I called to cancel the order and the rep was very nice and apologized and even offered to refund my original $29.95. Wonderful! Then, I see I'm charged ANOTHER $29.95 to my credit card, even when I had cancelled my account. Today, I talked to a VERY rude customer service rep who said there is no way I can get my original $29.95 back.


Definitely will never order from this company AND there product was not that great to begin with!


Monetary Loss: $29.

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I have the same issue. I only wanted to pay for the trial package. I was charged weeks after receiving the trial package, then had to wait a couple more weeks for the second package to arrive to send it back to WEN. I am still awaiting my refund, but they keep charging me still.

The trial package was ordered in mid Sept, received in end of October. During the October Nor'easter. Then Charged again for package #2 in Nov. Had a charge in Dec and in Jan. Even tho I canceled the account in Nov and returned the 2nd package.

It is a big mess. And the Shampoo doesn't not work for my thick hair. I never wanted to be on a auto list.


Hi there,

If you are unsatisfied with the product you can return it, within 60 days, for a full refund. Kindly contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team at, for assistance with your return and refund.



The wen replenishment is not a scam. I am a very happy customer with wen and enjoy the membership and autoshipments.

You are not going to get their discounted pricing for one order, it's common sense with every company. It clearly tells you in every offer auto delivery included cancel at any time. It also tells you that you do have a 60 day money back guarantee. That does not mean you do not have to pay for something until the sixty days is up.

Think about it. You buy something from the store you have a moneyback guarantee or warranty with it. You dont pay at the end of that guarantee, you pay at the time of purchase. Also on the first package it tells you this is a one month supply you will receive your first three month supply in one month and it will be taken out in payments of 29.95 a month depending on your offer.

This you also complain about yet you pay 29.95 for a one month offer so it makes common sense that its 29.95x 3 for a three month. Also I understand that you have cancelled, but the payments come out after the package is sent guys? You do still have to pay for a package that you received, Guthy Renker does not have that package you do. IT IS RISK FREE- SEND IT BACK IN THE 60 DAYS & YOU WILL GET A REFUND!!

I totally completely disagree and I think this site gives a bad name to a great product. Wen is not the joke. People are the joke. Try doing the customer service job.

It's not as easy as you think it is. Reference your computer, it does not always show the information you need right away.

I think that it's a great product, and if you would consider the other options available you would love it too. I also have received tremendous service and options


If you like the product... it looks like walgreens may carry it for less than 10 bucks/bottle...

I was looking for an alternative to ordering online... Good Luck!!


I really liked what it did for my hair but I was so mad to see they kept charging it on my credit card when i no longer wanted to purchase it ,when I told them to stopped it took for ever for this problem to be resolved I will no longer do business with a credit card when buying a the product I use Paypal


Thank you fr answering my question. I will not order from them unless they take paypal.

The happy customer above is wrong b/c when you say DO NOT CHARGE me for anyother products, just b/c they KEEP sending it, should not give them the right to keep billing you. I would like to use this, but I do not want to give a company like this access to my credit card.