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I ordered this product a month ago for my mom because of the promotional price. This month I saw an almost $40 charge on my account for a product I never purchased!

When I called customer service asking them to remove the charge they told me that I have to wait until it arrives and then pay to have it shipped back! I expressed my concern and told the representative that I feel that this is a type of scam and that they are trying to get over on people. Also, after speaking with the representative it was clear that this was not the first time he had spoken to a customer who had realized the scam because he already had his whole little speech ready to quote to me! It sounded so rehearsed as though the company has already informed their customer reps of what to say once the customer realizes what has been done to them.

He claimed that I overlooked the fine print, however regardless of whether I did or not, if 500 or so customers did the same thing, then obviously something is wrong with the communication of information, which is what makes this an underhanded scam. They know what they are doing. If they really wanted people to have all the facts up front they would make every effort to do that on the front end, but apparently scamming people's hard earned money is more important to WEN HAIR CARE than honest fair customer service. To make matters worse, according to their website, the package was shipped 3 days ago but they won't give me a tracking number to see when it will arrive or even what company they ship through.

This is yet another indication that they are trying to deceive people. Any company I've ordered from will at least send their customers an email notifying them that a new shipment for them has been sent out. Unless that company is trying to sneak it to you without your knowledge so that you can't cancel! IF WEN HAIR CARE PRODUCTS ARE SO FREAKING FANTASTIC AS THEY CLAIM, THEN THEY SHOULD STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY OF THEIR PRODUCT BY HAVING THE CONFIDENCE THAT PEOPLE WILL COME BACK FOR MORE WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO PULL THE WOOL OVER PEOPLE'S EYES!!

My mom actually liked the product and I was going to order more for her in the future, and so were her co-workers, but after finding out how under handed and greedy this company is, they just lost at least 20 customers on my end, and judging from this site, they lost alot more, not that they probably care since they'll just keep scamming more and more people. Hopefully potential customers will read this and not make the mistake of ordering from this greedy underhanded company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I, too ordered the WEN system. Asked them to delay the next shipment & they started sending them even more frequently.

I just wrote "REFUSED" on the outside of the unopened package as instructed by the post office, & returned them at no charge.Have been on the phone off & on for a month with "Customer Srevice" and finally got a partial refund to my AmEx account. Had to file a complaint with my credit card company & they agreed to block all future charges from this company.

Also, my hair has started falling out at an alarming rate. Do not buy this product!!!


Just buy it on qvc. It's cheaper and there are more choices.


They make it very clear when u order from their website that they will continue to charge ur account every 90 days until u cancel. That is a big part of the deal that u get and they make it VERY obvious.


Haha ya right I've been with web for two months and no complaints just u had an issue not everyone


just buy it on ebay its cheaper there anyway