I started using WEN Hair care about 2 weeks ago. When I first started using the product I didn't really notice the amount of hair that came out when I used it.

But then after the last few times I noticed my hair was coming out more than usual. Like 2 BIG clumps of hair at one time. I thought WOW this is not right. And plus it makes my hair look greasy and I have to wash it very day.

My hair has been frizzy during the winter months and I thought this product would help. Since my hair is more greasy my skin has now started to break out more.

I am going to ask for a complete refund of my money.

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This happened to me, as well, my hair was coming out like crazy, I stopped using it immediately!


Usana Health Sciences has a lot of negative reviews, so I wouldn't look to them for anything either.


I am a licensed cosmotologist who has studied hair for many years. Your hair grows from the inside out.

I would not suggest biotin as a standalone supplement. It can be hard on your liver & you never know about the quality and if it's even bio-available for human absorbtion. I would suggest a more broad spectrum vitamin supplement. There are some topical things that you can do at the same time to help.

I started taking vitamins by Usana Health Sciences and my hair grew 2 inches in 3 months! They are a reputable company and their products are FDA certified. FYI- Rogaine is not safe for women.

Contact me on Twitter if you would like more info. @onekristendavis

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