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i ordered the pack for 29.95 and thats all i wanted, but they dont tell u that they secrectly enroll you in a membership so they can charge your creadit card monthly, these people are criminals , and they do not tell you that on the commercial or on the phone when u order the product. dont order when at all i am still in the process of trying to get my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dec 22, 2011 they will not instantly refund the money and when u call they claim u owe an additional 60.00, i have not receivied any other products from them, but they will surely charge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Dont cancel account just cancel credit good and bad


The problem that I continue to see is with the billing practices and would like to point out that Wen is sold by Guthy Renker. This is the same co that sells proactiv and they have it set up exactly the same way. This is how many products get started on the big scale.


Same thing happened to me. When I called to order Wen I was informed that as long as I called within 30 days to cancel that I could and would not be charged for the 3 month supply.

Less that 2 weeks after receiving Wen I called to cancel the auto shipment and I was told that my 3 month supply was already in the process of being made and shipped and there was nothing I could do about it. She was extremely rude, I asked if I was lied to when I was told I could cancel within 30 days and she said no. Then I said well it's no where close to 30 days so I want you to cancel my order and she replied with it was too late.

Made no sense so they billed me the $90.00 and I will never buy again and will continue to spread the word that it's a great product but its overpriced and a scam! DO NOT BUY from the web site buy it from QVC or Amazon!


You were ripped off. 30 day money back quarantine is the law If it is a tv commercial.

30 days from when you ordered it.

That is crazy, you should have demanded to speak to manager and threatened to report them to the attorney general. Terrible


Just contacted the better business bureau! Encourage all unhappy with WENs deceptive practices to do the same.


Im a wen customer and couldn't be happier in the commercial they tell you "includes auto ship" maybe you people shoud pay attention and when I called to order I was told 3 times I will be in auto shipments but may cancel anytime the products amazing couldn't be happier with my hair this websites just rediculous


Wen sucks!!! They take your money and expect you to take the time to send back products to them that you never ordered to begin with in order to have your money refunded. Total rip off!!!


I ordered wen haircare and received 2 at one time (only ordered 1) three days later received another(did not order). That

Means charged 3 times.

Customer service tells me 6to8 weeks for refund. I believe they are running a scam. Stay away from. Wen products.

I will be contacting the. Better business beaureau.


in response to sg112186, i pay very much attention to what i order and the questions i asked on the phone when i ordered, you need to start ur own blog if you want to support them an keep ur unwanted comment about my situation to yourself.(you probably work for the company and out here trying to do damage control) i feel other people will benefit from letting them know what has happenened, so it wont happened to someone else and hint the is the pissed consumer comments so it would be nice if you would take ur happy @@#% back to where ever and keep ur comments to urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've seen the infomercial before and I'v ordered wen before and they do tell you that after the 30 day trial you will be put on an automatic membership and be charged either $39.99 every month or $124.99 every three months for the 90 day supply. They make you pick a payment plan when you sign up; it's required for them to finish the transaction.

Also, when you receive your Trial package there's an invoice that comes with it, and at the bottom of that invoice it tells you when your next shipment will be sent out to you.

People need to start reading and paying more attention when they sign up for anything. You can't blame other people for your mistakes.


:grin oh


They did the exact same thing to me. I had to close a bank account because of this company.

DO NOT ORDER. They will keep billing your card. Also I told them to cancel my order before the trail was up. I complained multiple times but they continued.

really bad business. The product wasn't bad but they don't give you the opportunity to purchase what you as the customer want.

they kept sending me product. :(


Same thing happened to me. I eventually got my money back.

Boy! are they rude! You have to email them that they are not to put any more charges to your credit card **** **** **** 1234.Send it like that(so no one can get your cc #)and date it with your name, keep a copy.

This way you have proof, & your cc company can stop charges or reverse any more that go through. Good luck.