West Palm Beach, Florida

On July 31, 2012, I bought Wen Healthy Care System 30-day supply, by Wen by Chaz Dean, for $29.95.

Unfortunately, the sweet almond mint hair product did not performed well for my hair. After using it few times, my coworkers did notice the difference. My hair looked thick and greasy instead of looking healthy, soft and shiny. Before my 60-day money back guarantee trial period was up, I decided to call Wen to cancel the account and return the products. The representative convinced me that the products previously sent to me were not the best for my hair. Therefore, he put my account on hold for two months and did send me a free trial of the cucumber hair conditioner. Once more, the product did not work for me. I called Wen back, but the representative decided to put my account on hold until January with the condition for me to try the Pomegranate for free. A week later, I did receive a non-sufficient funds notice from my bank. The second supply of Wen hair products were sent to me and charged to my bank account. I was billed for a product that I was still "trying" (I never got the 2nd trial) while my account was on hold. On October 02, 2012, I spoke to Megan at cancellations. She finally canceled the account for me and provided a fax # 515-284-6713 to submit prove from my bank in other for the billing department to refund the $32.00 NSF charge. My original $29.95 was not given back to me because my 60-day money back guarantee trial period was over, but I was still trying your product. How can you explain that? Megan was sending me a return label to return the unauthorized shipment back and she did promise to credit $26.78 to my bank account (20% discount). The rest will be credited upon receive of the products. A week went by and I did not see the label or credit on my bank account. I called back on 10/09/2012 and spoke to Bryan at cancellation. He did issue a credit of $ 38.94 for the returned merchandise. He did inform me that my NSF request fax was received, but I needed to wait for a letter, from customer service, with the results. I did receive the letter back on October 13, 2012. To aggravate my frustration, Guthy-Renker denied my request. Their reason is as follow: "When calling the order line from an infomercial or mailing in an introductory offer, we clearly state that you will receive additional shipments. We inform you that you are under no obligation and will receive replacement kits every 90 days unless you notify us to stop or make changes to the membership." I did call back on October 15, 2012 asking to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred several times until I finally was able to speak to Jamie pin # 5523 who very rudely told me that this issue was out of her hands and that I need to e-mail or write the corporate office in California. I honestly think that I have done everything in my power to keep Wen inform of all my account changes and I definitely do not agree how things are handled from your end.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate you crediting my bank account with the original $25.95 paid to try your products and the NSF charge of $32.00. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.


Marjorie Zeledon

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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