I ordered wen hair care On the phone with one of the wen represenatives at the chaz dean studio salon where they sell this products, the female on the phone which i told her to ship me a small bottle to try and to cancel the 32 oz of the cucumber aloe cleanser, she didnt listen and shipped me that 32oz size, i was ticked off, but at that time Wen cucumber aloe worked well, so i let it go, I sure hope they let that female rep was let go!!!!sometimes there attitude on the phone is very honory and pushy to get you off the phone, I dont know if I would rebuy from them again, the females there at chaz dean salon got to fix there personality on the phone when us consumers call there !!!!!! Plus chaz dean got to put himself first to customer services whether upscale people or non upscale People and not to ignore us regular people who wants to speak with him directly, i notice that he and his workers put them celebrities first in there customer services!!!!

that is not good!!! Plus they should make there cleanser more lathering, my hair gets coated after awhile of using there products, I tried them all, and Now Im curious bout there pomegranite, they should sell it publicly online and not only on QVC, ONLY products I love is there leave in Gel Lotion !!!

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why would someone like chaz dean want to speak with someone who isn't even literate on the computer? you sound like an undereducated ***, and I wouldn't want to deal with you either!


Reviews will be taken more seriously if they are written using correct English grammar and spelling. I keep thinking, what is she trying to say?!?!?


wow what a review.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #206966

:( Hey we have our honest opinions and we as a customer to Companies who are upset with the products or customer services, we have a legal right to vent here, why else is it called pissed consumers????? You mainland people got warped way of thinking.

and i notice majority of you People are always bitchy and have a attitude problem, self centered and very cocky in personality, that sucks, you will never get respect from other's acting this way!!!! :( (this is for shast!!!)


That is the dumbest review I've ever read, by far.

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