Tempe, Arizona
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I called ordered the product it was shipped to me with in 4 days. I used it and like product.

I unfortunately ran out and called to order more and was told my next shipment would be sent out in a month... WTF. I am a paying customer... I asked if I could have it shipped out sooner and was told yes BUT.

The but was I would recieve my shippment with in 3 weeks... seriously LAME. I NEVER received the product....GO figure. I call after they charged my account AGAIN to cancel or at the very least get a replacement.

I was told they would send me a Form to fill out via snail mail to get a replacement. I immediately cancelled...HOW LAME IS THAT. No wonder the stock is only @ $4.00.

Someone needs to understand what supply and demand means cause they are loosing money! DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME WITH THIS JENKY COMPANY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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They do have really bad customer service. They're liars & theives.

If u want this product buy on from Amazon or somewhere else.

*** don't even work for me. But everyones different.


Yes, I had a similar experience. I ordered the system, after weeks of calls, I finally got it.

It was the wrong formula for my hair. I called, returned the product as instructed and waited. No credit was ever issued and when I inquired was told they could not find my order nor had they received the product back.

I on the other hand will never reorder.

Chaz Dean: I am appauled that your company has the worst customer service I have ever has the misfortune to try and use.

I guess you have too many customers and do not care if you lose a few. SAD!!!


Hey, if u still want a product like wen, go to sally beauty supplies. They have a product called "hair one" that costs a lot less, but works just as good.

Get the one for normal hair, with that one i have no complaints. I hope this is helpful!


You need to go online and make a account and log in to it and there you can up your shipment to now and also adjust it to how often you want to receive them. I believe it is anywhere from 4 wks to 20 wks also that 3 week time is just to be cautious it usually takes 1 week to be processed and shipped.