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I suspended my account in may for financial reasons, until October. Wen Hair Care continued to charge my account, until it all caught up in august when it caused my account to go in arrears.

A scheduled billing attempted twice caused me to incur 70.00 worth of charges for a payment that could not be made because Wen had my money.

Now they want me to fax a bank statement for them to review, which compromises my security both in the fax and also with a company that still has my money. I do not recommend a company who practices are not consumer friendly.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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Thanks so much to all who have sent in complaints! I just saw the wonderful infomercial and was about to place an order. But after reading many more negative comments than positive, I will not be ordering!


Thanks to all of your reviews. I was just about to order from there wonderful infomerical.

I take it the phrase "cancel at anytime" is not the case. Im so sorry to those that got taken from this scam get some resolution.


So glad i pulled up reviews from other sites rather than wen itself! You guys saved me from a nightmare.

I hope they get what is coming. Karma is a b$&@! Thank you.

People at Wen... Its coming and I hope each one of the reps/ owners lose all they stole.

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