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A friend recommended Wen Hair Care products ( so I decided to try it. I ordered one bottle of their Cleansing Conditioner.

I actually liked the way my hair looked after using it several times. But next thing I know they were sending a large box with $100 of products without my consent and charging my credit card. I accepted the first order and thought "what the heck." But then the boxes kept coming. When I called to cancel the automatic orders it took forever to get Customer Service on the line.

The person was not only rude but told me I agree to this auto shipping when I order the first product. In my opinion this is a rip off unless a pop-up window specially comes up asking me to agree to auto shipping. I finally got the auto shipping canceled after 30 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep that made United Airlines look friendly by comparison. After about 4 months I got another package and another $100 credit card charge!

Again I called to complain, again a 20 minute wait to get someone on the line, and now I was told that I just put auto-ship on hold rather than canceling. The rep suggested I keep the products (and they'd keep my $100). When I said I just wanted to cancel I was transferred to another department, put on hold for 20 minutes, and then the line went dead. I called back, took another 30 minutes on hold, and finally got another rude CS rep.

Now, I'm filing a formal complaint with my credit card company and reporting Wen to the BBB. These people are a rip-off. Beware of ordering anything through them because it will be a nightmare to cancel.

It's like the old record company scams. Order once and you can never cancel.

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I have ordered from them before - I don't know why I keep going back, but I have a disease that makes me lose hair and their honestly the only one that slows down that process. It sucks.

I hate their billing system, but I do have to say they're making some changes. If you keep up with your account online, you can manipulate it. I'm online with them now and honestly, they're still pushy, but you have to be pushy back. She's offering me to *** my credit card from the account and get a bill ...

and a 20% discount.

I'm driving her crazy ... she's earning her money today, but after all I've been through with this company I deserve some descent customer service.


I was on their website ready to order my first shipment of this hair care product, then I saw where they were going to send me another shipment in 30 days, and continue to resend a shipment ever 3 months and bill my CC that instant I decided NOT to buy anything from this company. And at that very moment a pop up window came up w/ a person wanting to chat w/ me from their company....I simply explained I changed my mind in trying their product because of the auto shipments and auto charge to my CC, then I closed the window! I think it is a rip off to operate that way....why do they feel they must "trick" us or force us into buying there prod every 3 months unless the product isn't up to standard....just a thought!

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