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I started using Wen in March of this year and at first I LOVED it, it made my hair soft and shiny and very manageable. Then in the beginning of September I started to notice an increased amount of hair falling out when I showered, at first I wasn't concerned and just thought it was a normal shedding cycle, but as time went on it got worse and worse.

I finally did some research online and found out that others were having the same problem, so I stopped using Wen, but the damage has been done. I've been off Wen for over a month with not slowing down of the hair loss. I have had all my blood work done and everything has come back normal. I am losing hundreds of hairs a day and my scalp feel sore, like my hair is constantly being pulled.

My hair is noticeably thinner especailly on top and I am devasted as there has been no slowing of the hair loss.

Just wondering if any one has experienced hair loss with wen and how long it took their hair to stop falling out after stopping wen?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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My scalp had been sore, red and always stinging and feeling like my hair was being pulled. My hair was unmanageable.

One shampoo with Wen gave me relief and manageable hair. I have been using Wen now for the past 4 yrs. Now I have started to noticed my hair falling out. Just running my fingers through my hair I had a large amount of hair between my fingers.

I thought it was a health issue. But found out it was not because of any health issue. I told my dtr. of the issue i was having and she did research on the product and suggested i stop using Wen.

I stopped using Wen 2 months ago and my hair lost has stopped.


Strangely just as I was in market for non soap shampoo, I had decided to use WEN when I was signing up for My Life. I had an allergic reaction to a cheap shampoo and was looking for non sulfate cleanser to recover.

I do not like their "membership" or shipping practices. I don't need whoel expensive kits! Just the cleanser >:( I am not sure until Aug 10 of I am indeed removed as a member. The reports make me nervous.

I will say for first month it allowed recovery since I had lost soo much hair. But it left my hair lank and greasy after 2 weeks. My hair later curled and on third month it frizzed but I was afraid of mixing too many products to try taming it. My hair thickend some but is not getting any length.

It normally takes me only 10 months to go from shaved nape to tuck in my waist hem.

Because number of natural ingredients I think allergies ar actually more likely. Product was "okay" but not 40/mo okay


I used wen for months and my hairdresser and I both noticed the loss mainly on top. the only problem if that I didn't notice this until after I got some type of yeast infection on the top of my head where I had layers of crud coming of my scalp.

Once I stop using when I cried stopped however the hair loss begin. It has been probably about a year that I have not used it and my hair is still not back to normal on top of my head. It is very very thin and I have long beautiful hair. I'm just devastated over there but I know it was from when.

So sad people can make product like this that causes problems. Patricia from Atlanta


Wow....I feel horrible for all the ladies who've had such atrocious results with WEN. I won't be buying it, as I've been coming across these sorts of threads A LOT.

Thank you for saving my $$ and my hair. I sincerely hope everyone is able to restore their scalps/hair back to pre-Wen damage. Wonder if there might be a class-action lawsuit in the future?

Seems like for every one person who loves WEN, there are about 10 or more who have lost hair, etc.


I have been using Wen for 11 months. I have noticed more and more the massive amounts of hair falling out in clumps when I comb my hair in the shower (way more than the usual & normal shedding amounts).

Several months ago I had a friend tell me she stopped using Wen because her hair was falling off. I never thought twice about her comment because I loved how the wen made my hair feel. Over the past few months, I have been becoming more and more concerned about my hair loss. Each time I wash my hair, I am losing handfuls.

That doesn't include the hair all over my bathroom floor, down the drain, in my sinks, my bed or in my brush. Yesterday, I pulled a gigantic clump of of my long, long hair right out. Root to end. So tonight I started looking to see if anyone else had problems with Wen.

I am so surprised how many of us are out here! Something needs to be done! No doubt it's ok for some people, that's any product, but there are a heck of a lot of us out here who are losing our HAIR because of this product! There needs to be warnings of some sort...or symptoms to look for when one's hair begins falling out...that this IS a real possibility.

Just now I ran my fingers through one section of my hair...I get about 30 strands, with the roots. Take heed.


I have the same problem with using Wen. I used it about 10 months, I started losing hair but stupidly didn't realize because of Wen.

Did your hair back as before after you stopped Wen ?

I stopped using it 2 months ago but still losing my hair. I'm so afraid to be bald. How long did it take to stop fell out your hair ?

Please let me know. Thank you


There is something weird about Wen. I've been using it for a year and about 3 months into it I noticed large chunks of dandruff, which upon inspection showed that my scalp was reacting to the shampoo. The more I washed my hair the worse my scalp/dandruff got. At one point my scalp got sore and I switched back to a normal shampoo which cleared everything up in 2-3 days.

In the meantime I've been losing more hair than usual and am just about to drop it all together. I don't think it's a bad product, but that my skin is reacting to something in Wen causing it to be unhealthy which would result in chunky dandruff and hair loss.


I used Wen in 2008 and yes, my hair fell out as well. The good news is when I stopped, my hair slowly but surely began to regain strength.


I have been using wen for over a year. I love it, my hair feels better every day. I love it.


and i was actually thinking of buying it..but

after reading more pple say they have hair loss to that of the ones who dont..umm it isnt rocket science..i think i will just stick to my hairproducts i use now..~


Hi: I have some complaints about the Wen company, but since they are not resolved yet, I will wait to comment. I recently started using Wen, not even a month so I can't comment on the hair loss issue regarding Wen causing it.

However, I would like to suggest that you check out Hair loss information on I recently had my ferritin level checked and it was a little low (65), but within the normal range. Ferritin is a protein that binds to iron in the body, and when ferritin is low, iron is usually low also. One of the doctors on WebMD said that the optimal level for iron is 75, and it has to be at least 50 to make new hair.

The doctors (I think there were 3, that had articles regarding hair loss and the low iron connection) on WebMD were stating that low iron can cause hair loss. I have low thyroid, which can cause hair loss. However, I have been taking a high dose of natural thyroid (Naturethroid) and the hair loss continued until I purchased an over-the-counter Iron supplement called Pur-Absorb by Spatone. Months prior to that I started using a world-renowned hair loss supplement called Viviscal.

I think the combination of Pur-Absorb and Viviscal has ended the sometimes profuse hair loss I have experienced for over 27 years. Anyway, let me know if you can't find the hair loss info. on WebMD, and I will try to see if I can find it again. I do remember that I was looking up info.

on Hemachromatosis (high iron), which my husband has. Hope this helps.


I HAD long, full hair. We are finding hair all over the house.

My husband said that my hair has become so thin... :cry


Oh my gosh! I was going to buy this stuff and was very excited.

Thanks so much for posting these warnings! I can't believe this is happening to you! I'm so sorry you are going through this.

Honestly, they should not sell this product anymore! I will tell everyone about this and warn them!


I have been using WEN products since October. I have the thinnest hair I have ever had in my life.

I have the itching also. My hair seems like it has stopped growing drastically. It has lost its length considerably due to breakage. I am 46 years old and feel like I am going to be bald.

I just saw your sight and am so grateful there isn't anything wrong with me except being so *** to buy this product. I am heading to the shower and start praying I can grow my hair back.


I started using WEN around July 2011 by October I noticed a lot of hair loss in the shower and on my hands when I was washing my hair, I didn't think much of it until someone said my hair was thinning. I saw the comments online that others had the same problem, so I stopped the WEN, two months later I'm still losing hair at a rapid rate and I am scared that I may eventually go bald!! Has anyone who had this problem recovered from it?


Hi Debbie,

Are you able to give an update on your experience after stopped using WEN back in 2011. Does your hair continue to fall out or has it stopped?

If it has stopped falling out, how long after you stoppoed using Wen did it stop falling out? Has your hair fully recovered?


I have been using Wen for 3 months now and I too have noticed a much larger amount of hair loss. In fact, I was just looking in the mirror and found a bald spot!

I have also had the itching/burning which I thought was just the menthol.

However my hair itches all day. Thank you for posting this, cause I was freaking out.


Love, Love, Love Wen!!!

Started using Wen this summer and don't want to ever go back.

I had hair that was naturally wavy, but tended to look dry. If I tried to wear it straight, it took a lot of effort and any humidity destroyed that look. I've experienced less hair loss with it!

Now, my hair straightens like a breeze and stays that way all day, even in humid weather. It is shiny and silky. I can run a comb through it wet and all the tangles come right out.

My only suggestion is to NOT use as much product as the directions say. My hair is mid-back in length and I use 8-10 pumps in total. Start with a good scalp massage to get the oils there and then work a little water in with the product through to the ends. Add a little more to the length and pile up on top of your head for the rest of the shower. Rinse well.

I leave the deep conditioner in overnight after coloring and my hair is back to beautiful the next day. I have also found that my color lasts longer - medium auburn which always faded quickly before. Now I only have to color when my roots really start to I can go longer between coloring.

Can't imagine going back to regular shampoo.


thank you for the honest reports on the Wen products. My sister has started using Wen and so far likes it. But I will not be buying it as I want to keep my HAIR.


To all those that have lost hair and have side might want to think about doing a general cleanse to get all this *** out of your body. It seems even after stopping this product people still have tender scalps and hair loss. Go to a health food store and get a cleanse!