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Below I posted a video of what wen by chaz dean did to my hair!~ It matted and fused my hair and I could not get it apart. I got it for Christmas 2013 and I spent 3 months trying to detangle it!

I called the chaz dean salon and they made me wait until after the new year to get some help... so i was stuck at home for weeks while they could do whatever they wanted because they did not have this problem. When I went to the salon they did not help much and the wen at the shop made it worse only a few strands got free after hours.... they took a lunch break and sat me under the dryer...

when they came back they worked for a little more time then said I should leave... sent me home with a gallon of fig and 2 combs since they broke 3 or more combs while trying to free my hair... they said I could come back and they would work until my hair came down... LIES I EMAILED AND CALLED AND TWEETED AND THEY WOULD NOT REPLY TO ME!!

I INSTGRAM.. CHAZ DEAN THE PICTURES OF MY DAMAGE AND HE BLOCKED ME. I TRIED TO FREE MY HAIR FOR 3 MONTHS. I had my arms up for 18 hours a day not leaving trying to get my hair free from the huge matted chunks...

I had to go to the doctor for all of the pain I was going through. I finally gave up and had to cut my hair and when you see the video I have pictures at the end and you can see better than I can tell you.

DO not use wen by chaz dean if you want your hair please spread the word please share my video so other people don't get hurt!!!

Do not use wen hair care by chaz dean look what it did to my hair!! http://youtu.be/9dHgsPeqmvc

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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Beaufort, South Carolina, United States #903903

ooh wow i was sooo gonna get this product ,but after looking at all these other reviews about it you've actually saved my hair. Thank you. I hope your grows back to normal soon.

to Anonymous Palmdale, California, United States #904258

Thank you so much & yes you have dogged a huge bullet. I'm happy myself and all the others who have been hurt by this product can help save someone by just sharing our story.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #902804

I most definitely agree! It stripped my hair of all moisture and tangled the mess out of it.

It didn't take me three months but I was in the shower for close to two hours using every conditioner I could find in the closet to detangle my hair. And yes there was a significant about of damage and breakage!!! Never again!!!!

That is something you would put in your worst enemies hair!!! Seriously!!!

to Anonymous Palmdale, California, United States #903110

Right I'm so sorry to hear that!! I'm doing my best to keep spreading the word so this this product can stop hurting people.


Please contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet so that we can learn more about your experience and assist directly. Thank you.


This sounds super fishy and exaggerated...

to Stylist Malibu, California, United States #863597

Who are u to be talking u have no clue what people go through. Shut your face

to casey #961715

And who are you to say that this post is not fake? You don't know.

All you can do is read it and BELIEVE what you want, whether it's true or not. So shut your own face.

to Stylist New York, New York, United States #863831

Sounds fishy and exaggerated? Highly unlikely.

I've read other reviews about this product and as so many others on the infommercials. Don't believe what you see.

She should get a lawyer! I would have.

to Stylist #961716

Yea, it does to me too.


We would like to learn more about your experience and offer assistance. If you could please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: bit.ly/1bqcytf someone will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

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