Baldwin, New York
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Since learning about this product I've only spoken to 2 people that have brains. The first of which was the saleswoman- who really pushed this product and said it was great.

(It wasn't, but that's not her fault.) and the second being the supervisor who cancelled my account. When i received the product i didn't like it but I didn't expect to get a shipment for the next set of the product 2 weeks after I got the 30 day trial. It made my hair flat and have no volume. It was like i was wearing a wig.

So when I called to cancel the product I got the Third Degree and was asked questions that I didn't want to answer. All i wanted to do was cancel the product and cancel the upcoming shipment but they had already authorized the shipment without my knowledge...I got an email saying your shipment should arrive in 2 days. Not right. So when it arrived I wanted to ship it back, the bright light who answered said ship it through UPS- not only did she give me the wrong address, but when I brought it to UPS they expected me to pay- i did (eventually to get reimbursed).

I got a phone call about an hour after I dropped it off saying they couldn't send to that address because it was not valid. Fifteen dollars later I got my money reimbursed and the package that I didn't want back in my hands. Called the idiots at Wen Hair care again and got another bright light who said shed send a prepaid packing slip to my address within 7-10 days. 20 days passed and nothing was ever received.

They continued to charge my account so I called my credit card and was issued a dispute credit and my account was locked. I thought the problem was solved, until yesterday when I received a bill saying my account had outstanding payments. Apparently my credit card company said they were trying to get my money because of the dispute credit that was issued to me. Called Wen yesterday spoke to a Janelle who sorted everything out and apologized and everything seem fixed.

Today I find out my Proactiv account was closed- everything has since been sorted out and my Wen hair care account is no longer. To close don't ever purchase WEN hair care even if they are giving it away at 90% off on the local corner store.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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i ordered only three kits for presents and have been automatically billed for three more!!!!! Called customer service and the rep yawned while she was speaking to me.

This is b&%#. Don't care if this product is good or not.

Bad business is bad business and I will NEVER order from them again - and now I'm overdrawn and will have that to deal with. Bad Bad Bad experience all the way around


I had to call the BBB to get my money back , but it worked and was fast .At least your hair didn't fall out , that is what happened to me!!!