Cicero, Illinois

I really do like this product...BUT getting it has been a horrific challenge,....he company's customer service and ordering/reordering process if horrifically products have NEVER shipped when they were supposed to ship even though I spoke to them 2 days prior to shipment STILL never rec'd....waited the 7-10 days for shipping time...(Really!!! ground is 4-5 days from one corner of the US to the other) only to call them when order never arrived and was told order never shipped!! because one of the 2 bottles you ordered is on backorder.!!...I asked if they could please inform their customers when their orders are not going to ship to allow them to choose another fragrance rather that go without the product altogether and sit and wait for an order that never shipped......they dont seem to care....NEVER has an order been processed and/or shipped without some kind of delay/error in processing meaning order never got completed properly therefore never shipped/r was backordered and never shipped with no email to me to inform me..

GRRRRR... resulting in my going without the product for a cpl of weeks while it was resolved...just having to call to find out where the order is is annoying....when all along they know it wasn't filled.......Just this day and age to have such difficulty 1) communicating to the customer..2) fulfilling and processing orders...I have multiple products I use on autoship....Wen is the ONLY one that there is a problem with and it is continuous with each and every order......and never resolved...if it happens again...I an done with this they do business is a complete joke....shame on them...and the customer service people are as rude as can be...if you are lucky enough to get one you can understand...the only language I speak is English....Ugh....Good Luck with this very unprofessional company...

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