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First of all, let me say I'm not affiliated with Wen Hair. I'm just a Mom.

I had bought Wen through EBay to just try and then saw the sight of complaints. I decided since I had already purchased the product, that I would go ahead and try it. Then post here yeah or nay. I've been using the complete system of Sweet Almond Mint for a month and have had nothing but positive results.

My hair is thin, wavy curly and was fried. It felt like straw. That's how brittle it was from using OTC products. Now after a month, it has a sheen to it and it is not falling out anymore.

So for now unless something changes with my hair that is negative with the product I'm going to continue using it. I didn't opt to go directly through the Wen website because I didn't want to be debited from my bank account every-month. So I can get the product on my terms. I've seen the commercials and read the fine print and it does say you will receive a 90 day shipment debited for a specific price.

So my advice to every-one is always read, read, read the fine print before you buy. Most of these companies that advertise on TV are set up that way to debit your bank account. That's why I suggest going to EBay and buying from some-one who sells the product from their store. Then try the product and judge it for yourself the products worth.

Don't take the negative or positive posts. You got a brain and a mind of your own. You be the judge.

I hope this adds a positive and not a negative to the complaints. :

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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First of all I don't work for Wen. I came to Pissed off Consumers because I had already purchased the product and was stuck.

I decided to see what other people were saying about the product but it was mixed reviews. So I tried the product for myself and had good results. I was a little afraid from some of the posts that after so long your hair would start to fall out but actually my hair has never been better. I've had positive results.

I really do hope if some-one see's and reads my two posts that they will judge for themselves. I'm not going back to OTC shampoo's. Their is a difference. I wish I was paid by Wen for what I say on my posts but sadly not.

Make what you want of it. :)


sounds like one of wen's people posting ..how much did wen pay you to say that Ordonez????just asking


sounds like one of wen's people posting ..how much did wen pay you to say that Ordonez????just asking

Kathy Puent

So happy that you had such wonderful results. I do have one question though,,,,,why are you at "Pissed Consumer"?


I decided to try the Wen hair care and it works like a charm...my hair used to fall out but using the Wen system, that is minimal now because the product leaves moisture on my scalp and my hair is so soft. I color my hair and by using Wen the color stays in for so long and doesn't fade. I have recommended this to all my friends and even my hairstylist.