This hair care product is bad. Had hair fall out as result, in patches.

NO response from company owner, AND -- can't "find" Location of owner company. So, with BALD PATCHES from Wen Hair Care.. just have to wait half a year til BALDNESS goes away. Company sells CHINESE Products-- prone to 90% "recall" in U.S.

customer products-- like the Toothpaste, the Children's toys, the home building products and all the REST of Company Recall products!! U.S is being Ripped off by "cheap substitutes" that could harm hair (my current BALDNESS), could cause cancer and multitude of UNSAFE situations.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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What type of hair do you have?


if you want to have owner information go to chazdean.com. It actually is a great product but different people do have different reactions.

This IS common sense. Wen is also not saying that it's a chinese made product, but a natural product.


This is not a Chinese made product


Clearly you are allergic to the solution. Any person with COMMON SENSE would know to stop using the product after the reaction occurs. They have a branch of their customer service line that deals with such reactions to their products.

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