I fell victim to their bait and switch tactic/scam. I specifically asked the sales rep., "I'm only receiving a ONE month trial, and I can cancel at anytime, correct?" She confirmed and reassured me with a, "YES MA'AM".

They charged me for the express shipping, however that WAS NOT applied towards my delivery. Canceling my membership was like pulling teeth! I would get different answers each and every time I called.

THEY explained that it was a simple "misunderstanding", but with HUNDREDS of unsatisfied customers with the exact complaints??...that's no misunderstanding, that's MISLEADING!! Never again, never!

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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if theres lot of people complaining with the same.. problem..

sue the company..

make a class suit.. then im sure theyw ill pay you guys back..


I started with the auto ship program. I used the product that way for several months. I had no problems canceling the auto shipment,(I called). I then went onto the Chaz Dean website where there is much more variety and better pricing. I have ordered from them ever since.

The tv offer is handled through Guthy-Renker. It is their customer service you are dealing with not Chaz Dean.

My scalp and hair have never felt better. No other products have ever helped my scalp.


After several failed attempts in canceling my order, repetitive phone calls & emails...I got impatient and reported them to BBB. The nerve of them to make a transaction on my credit card without my consent! !!


I sent a request via their website requesting they cancel. It just didn't work for me, however, after reading all these comments, I'm gonna cancel my credit card linked to their order.

Either it's a scam or they are inept.

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