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Hi everyone i ordered when 3 weeks ago was really looking forward to use it, But little to my knowledge it was to my detriment that i used this product, I have long naturally curly hair which is down to my bottom, I used the product correctly and when brushing my hair with my paddle brush it notted up like chewing gum and my £15 br...ush snapped. so i bought another brush and tried again so thats several times i have used it i have lost lots of hair due to the chewing gum affect.

I called wen directly to ask about returning the product and explained my situation and they were no help in anyway never even offered to pay my P&P why should i pay when i have had to go and replace my hair brush and buy new shampoo. All the customer service advisor said was my manager has curly hair and hers is lovely.

Well im not the advisors manager im me and it looks like also i may have to have my hair cut which im not happy about. As anyone else had a bad reaction or is it just me!!!!!


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I have to admit my hair is now short I am very unhappy with this!


You are not supposed to brush your hair if it is curly...only use a wide tooth comb while wet with conditioner and then just let it dry...your hair broke because you brushed it, I'm sorry to say...I have curly/frizzy hair and worked in many salons and you are not supposed to brush...


thnak you for this iwas going ot buy it and try it but after reading this one and others i will save my money and but else where


im in my 60s and have my hair permed i love the way my hair is the first day after using wen but after sleeping at night my hair is very frizzy and needs me to use a heated brush on it has any one else had this problem please ,Val


I have long curly hair and it has worked wonders for me..hey, but if it doesn't work for your hair you should return it because it is quite expensive.



Maxine Winter

hi guys good for you but my hair is ruined !!!! so sorry if i seem a bit pissed off but well here it is I AM PISSED OFF!!! I may have to have between 12 and 15" cut off thanks to wen


I have long curly hair and absolutely looove the wen product. It makes my curls soft and not frizzy. I also use it as a leave in conditioner.

Selargius, Sardinia, Italy #268048

I also have very long anturally curly hair, but love my wen hair care product. My curls are lovely, not frizzy and soft.

I have no idea what happened with your circumstance.

But, that it not the norm at all. I do not work for wen and am just a customer.

Maxine Winter

you can see more on what i have been through if you go on facebook and then go on the wen hair care page its horrific....

Maxine Winter

you can see more on what i have been through if you go on facebook and then go on the wen hair care page its horrific....

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