I have severely, dry, heat damaged, coarse, curly, frizzy, unruly hair. I have flat ironed my hair 2x a week, every week since I was 13, I am 24 now.

After two uses with Wen, my frizzes are barely noticeable and very manageable in its natural curly state. When I wanted to wear my hair curly,after I rinsed I got out of the shower and administered the conditioner to my hair while looking in the mirror (so I could see what I was doing) I used the 10 pumps at the crown, 10 and the nape, and 10 on either side of my head. I combed it through and then I put my hair in a plastic cap and let it sit for 15-25 min then washed it out till the water ran clear (this takes a while). I combed my hair again and I added 2 pumps as a leave-in.

I diffused my roots heavily and the rest of my hair lightly, then I let it air dry. When I straighten my hair, its shiny, bouncy and healthy. I followed the same procedure as when I wanted to wear my natural hair, except I did NOT use any as a leave-in, I put in a heat protector and blow dried my hair. My hair is not weighed down, waxy, oily or greasy.

My hair looks great!!! I love Wen!!! Please note I am a mixed girl (black and filipina). I haven't ordered it, so I have not had to deal with the customer service.

This product was a gift. I use the Almond Mint Conditioner, which isn't the recommended type for my hair, so I was skeptical. The Fig is, but I love the Almond Mint quite a bit and I don't know if I want to switch.

Everyone's hair is different, so you may not get the results you want. I do recommend putting in on while looking in the mirror, and you MUST use the amount of pumps they tell you too....there's a reason for it.

Review about: Wen Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I am so dissapointed in wen, I have been so depressed about loosing my hair from it, my hair has thined out alwful, and my bed is always covered, and the bathroom floors, I have always had thick dark hair, and now I have to find places on my head to criss cross a part in it so that you cannot see my scalp, the longer you use it, and the longer you keep it on your head starts burning, so please think before you buy :sigh


I have been using wen products for 3 months now. Initially I loved it...

however, my hair is now falling out. I am shedding like a dog. This is horrible. I am praying my hair grows back.

After researching the product I found I was not alone.

Many people suffering the same reaction. I will never use this product again.


just seen the ad-and tried to order through wen-i said i didn't want the [cheaper]3 months supply,just wanted to try the 1 month initially.Then i was told that the next 3 months would be automatically sent!i replied'no'-i don't want this,i just want to try,and i'll decide if i want to re-order,but no i was told this was the way it was-i could always cancel future orders--------------------so exit me!-goodbye wen-EVERYTHING here feels wrong!-and now reading the reviews,i am SO GLAD i didn't go ahead with this.


:grin I bought it off the TV add and received WEN for the first time. I tried it and loved how it made my hair look and feel.

I have fine highlighted and very dry hair. I love how WEN leaves my hair.

I have had no problems with customer service. I will continue using WEN


I saw the infomercial and I thought I would try it. Heck, I said to myself what do I have to lose?

I have been reading your comments and yes I do think that Wen might not be for everyone. For one thing, use you own judgement. I wash my hair everyday with wen, but I do not go as far as putting so much product on my hair. I have suffered enough with shampoos that leave my scalp dry and itchy.

With wen, my scalp is fine. I do not have dandruff. From what I have read so far, it seems that Wen is more suited for people who need moisture. Not for regular hair.

If your scalp is dry, then it is great product to use. It will add the moisture back in. I love the results I have gotten, My hair doesn't fall out but then again, like I said. I do not apply too much of the product on my scalp.

My hair smells clean and looks a lot better. As far as the hair mask goes, I have never used it as stated. Instead I use a little bit in place of gel and my hair looks great.

I have suffered for years from chemicals that shampoos have and I am very satisfied that this product works well for me. :)


to all of you wanting to try wen or have just started BEWARE I used wen for 3 weeks and lost about 25% of my hair I can see my scalp! Quit using it 3 weeks ago, hair loss stopped RESEARCH WEN type in wen and hair loss on the net and you decide



I saw the infomercial with Alyssa Milano and have wanted to try it ever since. Reading a lot of the complaints before has made me skeptical but hearing what you have to say, I think I will try it. I have very, very thick, curly, long hair and it seems it doesnt matter how much conditioner I put in it, it is still dry and damaged looking.


:) i received wen hair care about a week ago, i love it too. I used to have really damaged hair (overly dyed,thin and fine blond..yes naturally blond, but through the years i've added highlights and lowlights in it), i've used it every other day since then and it is a miracle for my head lol..the reviews i've read keep saying the same thing.

do not blow dry otherwise it mega fries your hair.. ...just wanted to say i love it lol



Maybe they are marketing to the wrong audience. After reading this, I'm thinking of trying it because I have the same type of hair (dry,curly etc). This may be perfect for ethnic hair


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