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You people who are complaining about getting Wen Hair Care Products

that you did not order are all cry babies. You clearly do not listen to

the add on television where it clearly mentions receiving a 90 day supply

at 29.95 a month and you do not read your invoice that comes with the

the products. You are given the guarantee of 60 days and it does advertise

less shipping and handling. That is not the fault of the Guthy-Renker

people that you do not pay attention but it is your fault. You are blaming

someone else for your mistakes. By the way, the products work just wonderful on my hair. I know they don't always work for everyone but

really you have got to listen to the ads advertised on television and it

is wrong to blame someone else for your mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Sounds like a Karmic adventure with souuens hair products. Definitely a come hither to my mate!

Nothing better than getting checked out for one's Fabulous I must win, so I can luxuriate in the scentual delights.

Great article !!! Always seeking Comfort!


I ordered this product and was pleased with it in the beginning. After about 1 or 2 days my hair became greasy looking and had to wash it again.

I found out after I used it a few times it leaves alot of build up on your hair like you didn't even wash it to begin with and leaves your hair heavy and flat. The only way to keep this from happening is to use a regular shampoo ever 2 or 3 times before you use wen to counteract the greasiness in the product. I also noticed more hair coming out than I did in beginning when I wash my hair...seems like the product is making my hair fall out. I feel the advertisements are also misleading because after 1 month they autoshipped my next order and the price went up to $59.00 which had the same products in them but bigger size.

I went in and changed my shipment frequency. A few weeks later my credit card is charged another $34 for some unclear reason. That was the last draw...I mean how much is this product really?? Seems like they are charging away what they want to on my card.

I called and cancelled my order and they said I owe them another $60...FOR WHAT? Are there hidden charges I missed somewhere? For these prices Chaz Dean himself should come out personally to my house and shampoo, dry, and style my hair every morning. I will not recommend this product to anyone.

It is a gimmick like everything else you see on tv.

For heaven's sake...if you do order this product..don't give them your credit card info unless you want extra random charges on your account. :(


wrote a complaint back in April, sent my products back with instruction on box as i was told still have not recieved any credit on my accounts and can not reach these idiots unless i want to buy more which i do not. I would really like to see one company make good on their claims and return policies.

Do you think i will get interest or late charges on my money. Highly doubted, better yet will i ever get my 3 months worth of charges back?

Im guess since it has been almost a year im screwed. :upset :zzz :eek :roll


I am having a hard time with this product as I am a cosmetologist. There is no list of ingredients any where on there web site or any where so you don't know what is really in it. I will not ever order or recommend a product that will not provide a list of ingredients for there consumers to read b/c some things in shampoo can build up on hair and over time cause breakage.


I wouldnt waste the money. My hair was just as frizzy as it ever was, and the styling products, even in small dose, made my hair look greasy.

glad i sent a check instead of order by credit card.

i've been burned by credit card orders before.

do yourself a favor- if your hair is frizz prone- dont waste the time or money. It will still be frizzy.


I have been using Wen hair care for over a year. I did find that it tends to create buildup on my hair so I use a regular shampoo every 4th washing and then condition with Wen.

Works great and my graying hair is soft, shiney and manageable all the time. Both of my daughters use it now, also.


:? Really Ladies......what to believe.....?

I was looking forward in buying this product....but now.!!

With the rip-off on the credit card and the grease build up...My suggestion is that someone from Wen look into this and clear it up,then maybe me and a bunch of other ladies will go ahead and make a move...meanwhile no no no. I work hard for my money.....!


really! NOT, lies, lies, lies your work for them, fail!


This stuff sucks, costomer service dept. sucks and anyone posting a positive anything about the company or the product works for them and they suck too:0)


I think the products works beautifully. It made my hair bouncy and clean and shiny.

I do agree about the styling creme, if you use too much, it does make the hair very greasy and heavy so you have to moderate how much you use. I find if I use what they say,a quarter sized amount (I use even less) and spread it and comb it thru wet hair it's not so greasy.

I also had no problem with cancelling my membership (at the time I just couldn't afford it) I called and it stopped.

I'm sorry that it didn't work for some of you and you had problems with canceling, but it worked just fine for me and I have very thick hair and got a lot of compliments when I did use the products and a matter of fact,my niece told me about it and have used nothing else since.

The only complaint I have is that the smell isn't that strong. You can hardly smell the fragrance, I like to smell some sort of fragrance in my clean hair!

They have now given the customers the ability to customize the delivery and individual products so the shipments come as you need them.

I plan on rejoining and I can't wait to get my new supply.


I don't understand the complaints about the Wen hair care system because I have found these products to be so fantastic. I have fine, shoulder length hair that I highlight every couple of months.

I use about 14-15 pumps of the Wen cleansing conditioner after wetting my hair under the shower for two full minutes. I massage in and leave the cleanser on my hair for five minutes or more and then rinse out for two full minutes. After squeezing excess water from my hair into a towel (never rub hair with a towel) I apply a dime size amount of Wen styling creme. Then I blow or air dry and my hair is so shiny, full of body, and tangle-free!

Since I started using Wen I don't need to use volumizing mousses and hair sprays anymore. And now I need to shampoo only twice a week! Maybe differing levels of "hardness" in water supplies, etc., could explain some customers' product dissatisfaction. Furthermore, I have had only positive interactions with Wen customer service personnel and my orders always arrive as scheduled.

The Wen infomercial and website are very clear that when you order their product for the first time you become part of their auto ship system.

After my first order I determined I would not need to reorder as frequently as the projected shipment schedule so I just called customer service and they gladly modified my ship schedule. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Wen hair care system.




you dumb ***, i agree w/you about it working realy well, but my daughter bought me the starter kit because i said i wanted to try it, she called and canceled it the day after i got it so if i liked it i could order. she was charged anyway for $97

She paid 3 day shiping but it took two weeks.but her card was charged yhe next day.


I absolutely agree with Heather. Made my hair greasy and "built up" (and yes I used extra product as they suggest) Not worth the money for me personally. Went back to Mastercuts "Olive Oil Shampoo" which works much better for me.


I love this product, came on time and has made my hair soft and feeling great. I also has psorisis on my scalp and while most shampoos leave my scalp hurting and itching, this product feels 100 times better. I do always comb it through my hair which is fairly thick, but it never gets greasy.


I agree, the website tells you that it is a 30 day supply and that in 90 days you will again have your poduct mailed. If you go to Chaz Dean's website you can order directly from him instead of Guthy Renker. You may find better luck there


Heather, go to It explains that if you are experiencing the greasy and/or oily look or feel that you are not using enough product to thoroughly cleanse your hair.


dear amanda,

if you speak as well as you spell, that could be the problem right there.




:( i did not recive any of my product's!and have waited over a month and tryed to get a hold of them throw custom servous