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On 12/13/2013 I saw a commercial for WEN HAIR a hair care product described as a product for hair restoration. I called the toll free number and spoke with a representative who took my information including my debit card number. She then informed me this purchase would be a recurring payment and my account would be charged. I immediately declined their offer and the representative said ok and hung up.

I noticed a charge on my account for 32.00 from this company and called them. I informed them I had never authorized this charge and the representative told me he couldn’t see the order but if I called back in a few days they would correct it.

I contacted my bank and explained the situation to them. The bank’s claims department took the information and refunded the amount back too my account and placed a future stop payment for that amount (32.00) on my account and also informed me the company charged my account using my checking account number as opposed to my debit card, that account number was never given to them and however they obtained it they are apparently insuring no matter what I did short of opening a new checking account they would always have access to my funds.

Today 12/24/2013 I looked at my online banking information to find a charge being processed for 200.00, again I contacted my bank and they placed a block against this companies name for any future payments. I will have to wait until Friday to see if this charged has processed through and if so, I need to do the refund process again. The payment did process and I did have to again file a dispute claim.

This company is engaged in fraudulent and deceptive practices locking on to individual banking accounts on cancelled orders and for products they don’t even ship.

They are a band of thieves watch out better yet avoid them completely.

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file an immediate online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureat), they will assist in getting you a full refund


have you called customer service since this? when an amount is disputed & tooken from Wen by a bank, you still have the balance with them, & they will send it to collections.

to Anonymous Gilroy, California, United States #770234

Thanks for the tip - it wouldn't surprise me in the least. The leeter I posted was to the States Attorney Generals Office so i'll have some recourse if they try to attach my credit report

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