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was checking my bank account and saw that Wen Hair and debited money from my account for a new kit I didn't order. when I ordered the first kit, they never asked if I wanted to be a member or if it was OK to automatically charge my account to send more.

I called there Customer Service got someone to change the account but getting my money back - I had Wen on one phone and my bank on another phone! every time I called the Wen Customer service back I got a different excuse!! I even threatened them with legal action!! It wasn't until I asked for a Supervisor did I get someone to give my bank the information my bank needed to get my money back into my account!!

Otherwise, Wen Hair said it would take them 4-6 weeks for a refund less the shipping!!

I'm going to have to keep calling everyday until this matter is settled. Chaz Dean, you lost a customer!!

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99% of theses companies fly just under the law--they do not have to tell you anything about auto ship--its posted on there commericals in very hard to read print--the only reason i can read it is because i have a 55" hdtv and it shows up there--but it gets better--the companies now are shooting their commericals in reg. tv mode--and now all i can see is a bunch of gray dots because the print is so small--they don't use hd for the price part only the pic's of "how great the product is"--haven't you noticed that all of them will not accept c.o.d's or let you send in the money for shipping--they know how to bend the law just enough to keep the FTC off their backs--at least now you know how much "free" can cost you--lesson learned--and good luck


I had specifically told them I did not want them to automatically debit my account! I am not the only one they have done this to.

They never discussed other ordering or payment options.

Only when I called to complain did they speak of other options! That is something they should do in the first place!


gezzz--your blowing up on everyone for your mistake--if you would read the fine print--i've seen the commerical many times--and it said right on the TV screen--when you order your "free Trial" it automatically enroles you in auto ship program--so when you ordered it was telling them you accept that. READ--READ--READ the fine print

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