New River, Arizona
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After ordering Pro-Active, a window popped up for WEN at a low price of $9.95 including S&H. I'm familiar with Guthy Renker and knew they would be sending me an auto-shipment the next month, although, this was not disclosed after placing my order.

After using the product, it left my hair greasy so I used a lot less than the recommended amount. I then tried to push-back the frequency of my auto-shipment before I received the next shipment, but WEN's website wouldn't allow me to create an account. I work nights and can't call during regular hours, so I sent them an email request to cancel my membership - I never got a response back. After I received my auto-shipment the following month, WEN's website finally allowed me to view my account, which showed they billed my credit card almost 4 times what I originally paid for the first order = $38.94.

The website doesn't offer an option to cancel and since I can't call during the day, I've returned the unopened box by marking it "return to sender".

I've also sent them another email request to cancel my membership and refund my credit card. I used my B of A credit card and will request a CHARGE-BACK if I don't get a refund within 30 days, at which point I'll provide an update.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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ordered the trial offer.did not sign up for auto delivery :upset they ship another order for $104.2 big bottles of the shampoo.Did not order it.trying to cancel and get a refund