About Wen Hair Care, They charge lot of money in your credit card every month and what you receive does not match the charges. Then you call and cancel.

They say it was cancelled and then next month, you get more charges. No respect whatsoever! Horible - Horrible. Don't waste your money.

Don't risk your card. I don't know how to stop the charges. It is painful. I just got 2 more charges today.

No boxes.

Their customer support is aweful and they just rip you off. There should be a way to get these guys out of business.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #678394

To the comment above this call your credit card and tell them that you have not approved the other charges and they will take it off you credit card with no charges , Trust me i know!!! Its call un-autherized charges...hope this is helpful!!


DO NOT ORDER PRODUCTS FROM GUNTY RENKER!!! If you would like to try WEN, please, please do so through QVC or Chaz Dean's website!!


This has given WEN a horrible reputation, which it DOES NOT DESERVE!!! Chaz Dean is one of the kindest, most selfless people but has no control over GUNTY RENKER!!!


call your bank and put a block on future charges. it will cost you but not nearly as much as this ***!


I have received un-expect shampoo from wenhaircare ,and they blame me that I have it online with my pr-order.. which I did not..

customer service is really bad and blame me that I did not reply their email for the cancellation , in fact, I never get email from them.

they have take money from my account and there is no way I can get it back.. they are bad!!!

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