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I've heard about Wen for a few years before ordering it. Then finally I decided "what the heck, you'll never know until you try it." I have naturally curly, naturally frizzy and naturally dry hair.

I am always on the look out for something that will hopefully improve it. So I ordered Wen finally. *** mistake. I can't beleive how much you are supposed to use.

The directions say to start off with about 13 squirts then add more as needed. For what this costs it would take a fortune to keep using it. I normally do not wash my hair every day because it is so dry to begin with. I wet it and usually condition it on the days that I don't wash it.

So even using Wen every other day I still ran out in less than two weeks. Ridiculous!!!! Might be more affordable for someone with really short hair maybe, but for someone with hair past there neck, unless you have money to blow, I strongly would not recommend this. And it did not change the way my hair looks or feels at all.

It was still frizzy and dry. It did nothing. So being that it cost so much and that you have to use such a large amount of it each time and that it did absolutely nothing that they claimed it would, don't waste your money on this product. I called them to tell them that I wanted my money back and of course they tried to talk me into another kind, basically another scent.

I told them no and sent the product back with a letter and to this day I a have not been credited or received any money.

Poor business practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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I find it ironic that Wen uses fruit acids/oils in their cleanser because that's also whats in Vaniqa hair removal cream




Well first of all I'm using wen and I've realized that the directions for how much you need may not be all to right. For my hair instead of using 13 pumps I tried a little less like two for each side of my head, then it asked for more (to be left in) then I use a half a pump or if my hair tends to get dry one and a half pumps.

then styling cream (one pump) after I take my blow dryer and PUT IT ON A COOL SETTING OR TOWEL-DRY it and scrunch my hair up and put my hair into a bun on top of my head and I leave it to dry naturally or I use the help of the blow dryer again on a cool setting to help and WOW the results are pretty good HOW EVER......

before you purchase make sure you are getting the right kind of cleansing shampoo for you're hair I'm using the fig. Due to my dry color treated hair try to use less than what it asks for I will assure you it works jut need to give it some trial and error about the third time I got lucky


Ive been using wen for a month now and my hair is in the best shape it has ever been in. I don't use quite as many pumps as they say I just take the comb and in it through to distribute it.

Colored my hair twice in one week and I used this product and usually it's so dry when I do it once. Not this time. I used wen right after and my hair felt wonderful.

I'm using the fig one so you might want to try the different ones to see which one works for you. It really is a good product


Ordering from malaleuca was your first mistake Jolene. I do not like any of their products and they are way overpriced.

they charge too much for shipping and u have to spend so many points each month to stay a member. malaleuca is ***.


Thank you for the heads up!! My Daughter is on the website now wanting to order it. I believe it take way to much to achieve any type of result.


WOW!!!! I have been wondering why my hair has been so dry and falling out, now I know why!

I have been using Wen for several months and my hair is a disaster. Once I tried another shampoo, my hair felt great.

Will cancel my auto delivery for this!!!! Thanks for the reviews.


I liked wen when I used it for a long period but yes I used to put a lot of it over my hair in one session in order to see an effect. I also noticed that it does not deep clean my hair and I hated my hair smell after two/three days at most from using wen.

It is pricey, does not clean much, but if you can afford buying a lot if it and using it continously you will see an amazing results. One thing I hated about this product is that they sent me a sample of vitamin by Guthy Ranker, I guess, and then they charged me $30 per month for it later for three months on a row. I had to dispute the automatic deduction from my bank account, returned the vitamin and fought for my money. After a year or so, the Guthy Ranker company asked for the price of vitamin and it was an endless hassle.

Overall, I think wen works but you need MUCH of it and this might be the trick, the company wants to make too much money by making the product this way. You also need to be fully aware not to accept any sample of any kinds of it b/c it is a rip of money.


I was using melaluca shampoo that has no drying agents in it and it made clumps of my hair fall out. I stared using Wen and now when I comb my hair I only loose a few strands of hair vs.

a full comb of hair. I don't have to wash my hair daily, I can go up to 3 days without washing. Other shampoos made my hair straight and limp looking and wouldn't hold its curl after curling it. Now with Wen my hair keeps the curl for 2 days.

You have to find the right cleansing conditioner, I tried them all and found which one works the best for me and I follow the directions and have had no problems.

It is expensive shampoo, but I also don't need to shampoo daily anymore. I do wish it wasn't so pricey.


WEN was very disappointing to me - dried my hair out BAD!! I had to spend more money on conditioning treatments just to fix my hair! Very bad investment!