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I was very displeased with WEN cleanser after purchasing Online. After awhile it actually made my hair feel dirty and weighed down (no bounce).

I just received another supply of the product even though I didn't order it. I called & they said it was in the Terms & Conditions. I printed & read them...nowhere does it state that in the T&C. It is stated (sneakily) on the website itself in one spot.

I feel very taken advantage of, and now I have to spend my money to return the product.

BUYER BEWARE! Customer Service wasn't helpful to me in any way...they just kept stating, it's in the Terms & Conditions you agreed to.

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thanks for the heads up everyone, will stick to grandmas old fashioned vinager rinse!


Wen is a great product try it yourself


I purchased Wen a couple of months ago, wasn't thrilled. Then like everyone else recieved a $37 charge on my card followed by another unwanted shimpment.

I called and spoke to customer service, got a "return code" and sent it back UPS that week. Two weeks later I had yet another $29 charge on my card and no refund. I called customer service with my tracking number (it had been recieved 8 business days earlier) fully prepared to get into it with them after reading all the online horror stories. I was actually shocked at how accomidating and pleasant the customer service rep was.

At first she told me it would take 6 weeks to get a refund, which is crazy. But after confirming that I had returned the merchandise she placed me on hold and within 5 minutes said I would have a credit to my account within 5 buiness days. I then asked for the specific amount that will be returned and for my credit card to be removed immedietly after the credit to avoid further charges. She then put me on hold for a few more minutes and said that is no problem.

That was 2 days ago, and I had the credit to my account today. So you must be extremley persistant about calling and asking questions.

I'm sure if I just waited around for my refund they would still be charging my card. Also make sure you ask for your card to be removed.


When you sign up for the product it does say that they send you more product after 30 days they send a 90 day, every 3 months. You have to call to cancell that otherwise


CVS Pahrmacy 0.99$ for VO5 shampoo


Please purchase WEN products either from QVC or from Chaz Dean Studio's website!!! The "infomercial" WEN is a little different formula and you will always have a 30-day money back guarantee from QVC!!

I have been using WEN for over 5-years and I think it is FABULOUS!!! Of course, I purchase from QVC!!


When a company is not willing to give a free trial, red flags should go off. This product may work for some hair, but as with all products, it cannot possible be 100% successful for everyone.

My hair is so thin and delicate, I cannot image taking a risk on this stuff. There are plenty of wonderful products at natural stores like WholeFoods that will give you the same results as this peace of junk at astronomical prices!!!

I don't trust, I am glad I read these reviews, and just the customer service horror stories are enough for me to stick to natural shampoos from WholeFoods. Thanks, but no thanks!


Also, there are way too many horror stories about Wen Haircare destroying women's hair. In the infomercial, Chaz (with Alyssa Milano hosting) states that all you need to use is the Wen Cleanser and nothing else.

But a customer posted a review saying that when she called Customer Service to discuss her problem with dry, damaged, and stiff hair, she was told that she was supposed to leave the conditioner (a separate product) on longer, or some such. That's called fraudulent advertising right there. Oh nelly, do not trust this Wen HairCare line.

How on earth do they get recognizable celebrities (Alyssa Milano, Ming Wa) to be spokeswomen? Shame on you Alyssa and Ming.


Omgosh! I am soooo glad that I read these reviews.

I was just about to order this product. I called customer service to see if I could pay by check via postal service and "Julie" said that I could only buy the 90-day supply plus $7.95 shipping with a mailed check. Can you believe that? That was all the red flag I needed to hear that this was one of those scam product clubs that force you to pay with a credit card so they can charge you with or without your approval and then refuse to give refunds.

If it was such a great product, they would allow customers to choose how much and how little they wanted and allow them to pay by check (I no longer blindly giving my credit card # out to random websites). Thank you everyone for posting your awful experiences with this scam Wen Haircare line!

You saved me the headache. :(


Now I know why this company is so successful. It comes from ripping people off.

They did the same to me, I didn't check anything for refills and yet they sent me it and charged my credit card $138. I returned the products unused and unopened and never did get my money back. Good luck with customer service, they don't care why should they.

We are paying their salary. I have never been so disgusted with a company and couldn't be more appauled by their lack of business ethics!


The same thing happened to me as it did to Jessica_Jueneman word for word the exact same experience, i only wished i had read the reviews first!!!!


:grin I have had great reults, try it for your self, you can not liston to everyone, do this for you. this product saved my hair and is great on colored hair to. :p


WOW thanks for the info....I was just about to purchase this online. I am glad I decided to read the reviews first. Thanks again I will stick to NEXXUS products.

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