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After reading all the other damaged hair/hair loss reviews, I felt I should also share my experience to help get the word out about Wen. I've used Wen off and on for almost a year, mostly as a leave in conditioner after shampooing with a traditional shampoo.

About 3 months ago I started noticing a ton of hair in the shower. More than normal amount of hair falls out when I apply styling products also. My husband even noticed how much hair was in the shower drain. It never even occurred to me it's from the Wen, in fact I was just getting ready to reorder and started reading reviews.

I will not use this product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I bought the bait and the product from QVC in Dec of 2013 for a Christmas present for myself. Wish I had saw these comments first!

My hair began to fall out within a week. Shower was full of hair. Comb and brush too. I thought I needed to get used to new hair product.

It became dry and brittle like a Brillo pad. It is dull, dry

And lifeless. Always prided myself on my hair. Was proud for the compliments about it.

This is 2016 and it's just growing back a little. Still bald spots. Embarrassed to go out. Tried wigs, braids, extensions.

Don't do social anymore. Want to go to Christmas party, church.


ugly and *** for using this product.


I allso.. have lost a lot of hair. Did not know that wen shampoo was the reason .l will never use used wen shampoo again.


i have used wen for 3 yrs. and just the cleansing comditioner none of the extras. my hair has never looked better.


I really regret purchasing WEN. Read the comments, you aren't going to get this many negative remarks unless there is really something negative about the product.

WEN has dried my hair out and left me with dull, dry, limp hair. I only used the shampoo/conditioner all in one product and after 1 week my hair has lost its natural curl, is dried out and looks horrible. I have tried everything to reverse what WEN has done to my hair. I went to my hairdresser and he couldn't believe how bad my hair looks.

I loved my hair and now i am embarrased.

I have no idea how Chaz can stand behind this product. Scam!


I have long naturally curly hair. WEN has ruined it and damaged it to a point I am worried is beyond repair.

My hair is now very dry and losing it's curl at the ends.

Horrible horrible product. Buyer beware.


I have had surgery and have cancer, the meds and the stress dried out my hair and it was breaking off by the handful I used wen and my hair has stopped breaking and looks great, just wished I used it earlier.


Wen made my dry hair drier. I was wondering if hard water affects the results. For now I can't stand javascript:ac_smilie(':eek')the stuff!


I was thinking about ordering Wen, my hair is fryd an falling out already from a horrible perm I got recently should I get Wen?


I have used wen for over a year now. I am noticing alot of hair loss.

My hair dresser has noticed how nice and beautiful my hair is and very easy to manage. No dry ends!

Thanks for notifying me that this product is what is causing my hair loss. I will stop using it immediatly


Your hair falls out due to your body and hormones nit hair care products. Usually hair falls out 4 months after the body went through "stress".

Ie: after giving birth women lose their hair for a few months. It doesn't mean u were sick 4 months ago but your body went through changes.


Hair also falls out due to hair products.


Wow. U arent supposed to use it after ur shampoo.

Look at ur shampoo. Read the directions. Wen is the all in one.

I had cancer and believe me it is shampoo n conditioner all in one. Are directions too much for you?