Orange, New Jersey

I initially ordered the Wen haircare system, over two weeks ago. I was advised that in order to stop the auto ship, where you will be billed for three months of product $29.95/mo, you had to call within 30 days to cancel.

After about two weeks, I noticed that our card hadn't been charged and I hadn't received any shipping notification. I called Wen, only to be told that the product I ordered was on back order and that there was NO WAY for the agent who took my first order to verify this. In anger, and because of their incompetence and having NOT sent so much as an email to inform me of any back order status, I cancelled my order! I was informed by a gentleman that my order was completely cancelled and I should not receive any charges.....

Well, my hubby checked our account this morning and lo and behold, there's a charge from Wen pending!!!

I immediately call the customer service number, and an agent named TAMMY tells me that, not only did they not have the ability to see back orders in their systems, the rep who cancelled my order, or so he thought, couldn't see that the back order was released and my order was probably being processed for shipping when I called on 12/17???? REALLLY????!!! She proceeds to tell me they tried to cancel the shipping but couldn't, so the order was shipped on 12/20. I have NEVER received shipping confirmation and asked this inept agent, "What if that $29.95 was the last dollar I had in my account!!!!???" Thankfully, it's not but Wen had not right to ship an order that I cancelled on the 17 on the 20!!!!

I also requested that the auto ship be cancelled as that apparently did not happen the last time I called either!!!! Is this NOT a multi million dollar corporation? Why can't an agent see when a product is on back order, and if product is later found not readily available why wouldn't an email be sent to inform a customer that the order will be processed when the product becomes available???!!!!!

The reps are VERY uninformed and incompetent, and I PRAY that my auto ship was cancelled appropriately!!! I've read other reviews, which have me scared that that might not be the case!!!!

Monetary Loss: $29.

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