Woodbury, New York
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This product, wen hair care, almond mint conditioner took my hair out, and burnt my scalp. I need help about this matter. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had ordered and used Wen product on twice, thought it would do some good to my hair as advertised, but my hair , instead of been the way it used to or better after the use of the product, I hardly have any hair on my head, my hair just keep breaking and breaking, cant even put up in a pony tail. I was concerned, and wondered what is going on, until i mention to someone I was using a new Shampoo and my hair wasn't the same as before, and they ask if I saw the numerous complains about it, at the same time I keep getting more and more packages and bills saying I owed them, I sent back the boxes and made a report to the customer service rep as to what was happening and if I could send back what I have bought and be reimbursed, she said it was over 60 days and she could not do anything.

Please people, I urge you to stop buying this product, it is a get rich scam , they should have tried to do good by their customer and reimburse to make it right. After all, their product destroyed my hair and now I am wearing a wig.


If there is anyone that is taking this case to represent the women whom wen hair care products took out, and or burnt their hair, please respond to this comment. Thank you .