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Hi I've been using wen send 2013 people would ask what do i use on my hair ? Wen but didn't know that it was taking my hair until last year.i though i was not oil it enough encore hair was all over the floor sometime so I was like okay I'm going to use more oil .my head just started getting bald it was like what's going on my stylist was telling me this was not good for my hair .so i went to another shop order fresh supply i got 6 different things all i want was cleaning conditioner if a person put six different chemicals your hair is going to come out the causes too many chemicals in the hair well I believe 24 to 32pumps is to much now i no why my hair was shredding product was to strong thank God i didn't use all 6 products just the cleaning now we are stuck with bottles never open but can't use that suck i want my money back and my's will not allow a person to bring that product in their shop I have a box of the product they sent me I opened it up and left it sitting on the bed about 5 minutes I could smell the chemicals so strong coming out of the box it's to strong that's why ower hair is coming out in ,2013to 2015 it was ok in middle of 2015 it changeChemicals too strong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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