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Hi my name is LiAn. I started looking at this site for another product when I came across the WEN complaints about a year ago I to watched the infomercial on WEN.

I ordered it. I used it every other day. I noticed some hair in my hand and comb I just thought it was related to stress and hypothyroidism. I have had blood work done every 3 months to make sure my levels were in normal range.

But in the following 12 months my medication was increased twice. So I didn't think anything more about my hair following out . That was a year ago and since then I have not had any more increases in thyroid medications. I was still using WEN, I noticed my hair falling out more alot more where I hated to wash or comb my hair feared I was going to be bald soon.

Even looking in my vacuum cleaner I saw alot of hair. I had to untangle hair from the vacuum motorized attachment, from the dryer lint screen and my hair brush seeing and feeling it on my clothes and skin, I had to unclog my tub and sink drains often it was gross. I have long blonde hair and I had my own bathroom still not seeing what was really happening. I used WEN on my daughter 26 special needs on thyroid medication as well .

I noticed scaly patches in on her scalp thinking she wasn't using the product correctly. I started washing her hair to make sure it was clean. Her hair was falling out . So I changed her shampoo and conditioner to a sulfate free organic shampoo and conditioner and I noticed about a month later her scalp cleared up and her hair stopped falling out.

Last week I scratched the top of my head where I felt a thick crusted patched where I had to scratch hard to remove a yellow waxy layer it was awful. Then I found this site. And I was shocked everything that had happened to me and my daughter was being said here. I'm not an *** My daughter had recent surgery 2 days before we moved 300 miles from where we lived so being busy with her packing and arranging our move I had not time to read anything.

As soon as I read these complaints I called QVC stopped auto shipments and request to send 3 32oz bottles back. I am shocked that this has happened to so many people children adults thank god my pet is hairless. Now I'm lost what to do next. Thanks to all who took time to write their complaints I would probably be bald very soon if I hadn't read these.

Suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Negative coments please keep to yourselves as you haven't walked in my shoes to know my distractions are or were and I don't comment on things very often.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lian you said you used organic sulfate free shampoo for your daughter and it cleared up her scalp. Stay with the sulfate free shampoo and you will see a change in your scalp as well. Good luck sweetie.


That is go to know what would you suggest? ?


Wen is well known to cause hair loss. Join the class action (, and please call the FDA, lets get this off the market.

My daughter lost all hair. It's not your imagination.


So sorry to hear this. I only used Wen for 3 months and noticed the same.

Every time I showered there would be clumps of hair all over. I now have to wear a hat because there's such large bald spots, especially the front of my hairline.

I just canceled and complained as well. Thanks for sharing


Thank you for your kindness I'm sorry you have to where at hat now. You would think that there would be some help from the Wen Owner I guess he really doesn't care so many women looked up to him and believed in him for good hair care. Chaz I hope you find some compassion in your Wealth!!


Hello, Our team would like to hear more about your experience. If you could please contact us here with the details you’ve provided above, someone from our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team will be in touch shortly to assist. Thank you.