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I have a daughter, 19y/o now..who had been struggling with the results of a teenager straightening then curling her hair.My mother-in-law purchased Wen to help repair tye damage.

We had several bottles of Wen hair products so I decided to try it. I only used it 1-2 times per week & always like a shampoo. Wash with 3-4 pumps then rinse immediately and thoroughly..It wash a about 2 months in I realized my hair was coming out(more than the normal average hair loss). About a week later my hair was coming out by my fingures full.

I can remember sitting in the shower crying as my daughter washed my hair cuz I couldn't stand feeling that feeling and seeing all the hair between my fingures.

Shortly, after 3 months I had already picked out a wig.How can Chaz Dean still stand behind "his" product and allow people (of all use this hair product and, in sound mind, sleep at night?

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Wen. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Hello- Our team is here to help.We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more.

Please contact the team here: with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

Thank you.–WEN Customer Care

Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia #1099926

my bathroom cupboard had about 8 different shampoo conditioner duets cos I couldn't find one that made my hair and scalp feel good.About 5 years ago I saw a WEN advert by Chaz Dean and the usual suspect models, so I thought.

As the product was reasonably priced, considering the $ I was spending on hair product at the time, I decided to purchase. Unlike the lady who says her hair fell out, and, being the cynic I was at the time and expecting the worst, mine did exactly what the models and Chaz Dean said it would. Soft, easy to comb BUT not looking like I'd poured a tonne of oil through it, my hair was, and still is, the best it could possibly be. I may use a different shampoo at least once a year BUT more often than not, WEN is it.

I'm not a hair model and don't usually take notice of TV product ads, but with this product, I'm so glad I did purchase. By the way, the only time my hair HAS fallen out was following hospitalisation for sepsis. I was told that hair falls out in reaction to mental or immune system stress. Maybe this lady has alapecia I don't know, just seems a bit suss that her hair falls out 3 weeks later.

Any time I've had a reaction to shampoo conditioners has been instant.Just saying!

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