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After hearing and seeing all the hype about this cleansing conditioner, I really wanted to try it. Being that it is so expensive, I couldn't afford it. However, I received it for Christmas, and I was so excited to try it!

After one use, it seemed okay. It made my hair shiny, although a little more oily than usual. However, I did notice about twice as much hair in the tub.

So, I decided to go online to see what other people had to say about it. Turns out a whole bunch of people are complaining about wen making their hair fall out!

On QVC's website alone, I read at least 15 reviews that stated wen made their hair fall out. Even on wen's own website a bunch of reviewers complained about this!! Seriously, everyone interested in the product should read them; it's a little disturbing.

I'm definitely discontinuing use, and I would encourage everyone to not buy wen. That is if you want to keep your hair...

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I bought this product in JUNe and stopped using it in august. I lost one third of my hair and my scalp still feels like it is burned.

It feels like a tight band around it. I have to see a Dermatologist and this will cost me money. I am not seeing any new growth and my hair is so very thin ( from a full head) that I cannot even style it. do not buy this product.

i believe all my hair problems stemmed from using WEN. That is my opinion.


I have been using wen for almost 10 years and have nothing but great results. Did you buy directly from Chaz's studio? If you did not, it could have been altered.


I boughtig directly from them you *** My hair is falling out. Yeah comment on that.


I have been using Wen for about 3 months now and I loved it at first, my hair felt so healthy and shiny but the last three weeks or so it has been falling out in clumps and just recently I have developed huge bumps that itch and hurt. I am so glad i found this site, I would have kept using it.

My hair is almost down to by butt and super thick now it so frizzy it looks horrible and I am afraid I might lose all my hair. if I would have saved all the hair that fell out I could have made a wig.

I am seriously thinking of filing a lawsuit. It is absolutly criminal to be selling this *** and charge an arm and leg for your hair to fall out and get bumps all over your scalp.


I had very thick long hair before using wen after I put 2 and 2 together I discontinued wen use how ever my hair loss has continued and even the texture of my hair has changed. I am so sad and self conscious.

I wish we could post before and afters of our hair.

I had even spoke with wen salon in LA and guthey ranked Rep's they said to use keep using but buy the oil and switch to tea tree oil in the 8 months of use I spent over $1000. And lost over half of my hair!!!


Thank you so much ladies for posting your hair loss stories. I just bought a bottle on ebay and I'm not going to touch it.

I'm going to resell it back on ebay as soon as it arrives.

14 months ago I had a keratin treatment and lost 80% of my hair. My scalp itched and burned for months while handfuls of hair fell out every day. It's taken 7 months to have almost 4 inches of new hair.

It's been the longest 14 months of *** I've ever had. Not all of my hair came back but enough so it's very thin but you can't see my scalp anymore. I'd say my hair is 60% of the volume it once was.

I wish 14 months ago I would have googled "keratin treatment" before I had it done.

If I would have, I would have saved months of ***.

I found a decent shampoo and have to really baby my hair. Wen might be the greatest shampoo for me but I'm not going to risk it.

Thank you, thank you for posting your terrible stories.

No Wen, no way!


I had the Keratin treatment done May 28, 2014. About a month later, I started seeing my scalp! I had no idea it could have possibly been from the Keratin until I went to my dermatologist.

I thought Keratin was supposed to be 100% safe for hair, as it is a leave in conditioner.

Any thoughts, comments??



My hair has been falling out by the handfuls. In the shower, the whole drain is clogged, when i comb it afterwards, the comb is full, then when my hair is finally combed and i run my fingers through it, it get a handful.

I went through the one large bottle and one of the smaller bottles and will NEVER touch it again. It's marked so well, that i actually believed the hair loss was probably hair that wasn't healthy, as it initially did add shine and body. Well, my once thick curly hair is now ruined and more than half gone! Not only is it more than half gone, but i NEVER had a problem with breakage or dryness and now I have both.

It's so frightening, I'm afraid to dye my hair. If he uses this in his salon, I am curious why he has not seen this disturbing trend. There are just too many people losing hair. Is there a class action lawsuit?

There should be!


It made my hair fall out as well. they need to put a warning on the label or stop selling this ***!


I started using Wen a year ago. I loved the body Wen gave my hair. I HAD very fine hair but lots of it. My hair normally sheds during the summer, so I didn't think much of the amount of hair I was losing..I even thought it was just from being in the pool too much, so I wouldn't get my hair wet in the pool. However, come October, November and especially NOW...DECEMBER, I have lost HALF of my hair. I wasn't even using Wen that often. I wash my hair a couple of times a week, and I would use Wen a couple of times, but because my hair gets very oily, I would use a different shampoo if it was particularly oily.

I have NEVER had a problem with hair loss...even after going bald from chemo 12 years ago!

I am devastated by my very long, very thin hair. It is even frizzy with NO body whatsoever. I also am post-menopausal for 14 years, and my hair has been the same ALL of my life. The only difference has been the use of WEN!


I have used WEN for about 7 years. I didn't use it exclusively, as I used shampoo also.

In March of 2013 I began using WEN and ONLY WEN. I have lost an incrdible amount of hair! It's nothing metabloic or physical because 2 doctors did bloodwork, which was fine! WEN has ruined my hair!

When I would wash my hair with WEN, I would roll up the amount of hair just on my hands and it was anywhere from the size of a marble up to the size of gum ball. I had to get 5 inches cut off my hair and layers cut in to it. I stopped the WEN 2 weeks ago and I can wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner from the beauty shop and I have lost very little hair. I don't know how he gets away with this!!!

This is NOT normal sloughing of hair either. My hair is so thin it's terrible! There needs to be a disclaimer with this stuff. Hundreds of people have lost hair and Chaz Dean HAS to know that!!!

Just a warning to anyone thinking of trying it.

BEWARE!!!!!! I wish I had never used it adn I am just hoping and praying my hair will grow back!

#711427 / wen ruined my hair


Wen Ruined My Hair.


I made a FB page where we can rally together and hopefully present Wen with a lawsuit in the near future when the cat's out of the bag, and the chemicals they use get exploited!


I bought Wen from a friend who was getting rid of 3 bottles. Maybe these were expired bottles, but I'm calling the consumer complaint hotline at 888-723-3366.

After the first use, my head itched for 5 days (and nights) and I have redness and blisters all over my scalp and back of my neck from all the itching. I am a Vegan, but have never had any known allergies, and I am 32 years old, nothing hormonal going on. I also had TONS of hair fall out in this first and only use. I'll wash my scalp with vinegar tomorrow and start my mission to sue Wen and I've already thought of staring a "Wen Sucks" Facebook page for people to come together and take on this horrible chemical shampoo.

Apparently world-renown dermatologists can't even identify the chemicals used in this "cleansing shampoo".

Boo Wen! Shame on you!


my sister bought wen about two years ago and I tried it but only a few times. I don't remember my head itching but I did notice my hair looked a little thin after those few times of using it.

my hair is already silky and smooth so I didn't see the point in spending that much money on wen. she just recently stopped using it because her hair was falling out in HAND FULLS!! her hair still looks really thin and I noticed it after she started using wen for a while... she found this sight and started to cry because her hair is super thin now.

her hair still is not the same and its been about 6 months of not using it.

she doesn't know if her hair will ever be the same again. im so glad I never bought this *** or used it for a very long time.


My aunt used this for a few months. Her hair is now many different lengths due to breakage, her hair is now so thin you can see her scalp, her hair is horribly dry.

Because of Wen, she is no unable to grow her hair back. Do not use this product.

And for those of you who are coming on a website called PISSED CONSUMER to rave about Wen to people who have their hair destroyed, you're flat out *** for posting here and just wait a few months until your hair falls out. Then come back and complain but don't say no one warned you.


the hair fall out is because massaging your scalp loosens up the hair folicul that is already about to fall out. when i massage oil in my head same thing happens. or your allergic


first off i want to say i think it is terrible that people have been loosing there hair. BUT i really love wen i have been using it for 5 years and no hair loss.

so it obviously works for some. Not ever prooduct is for every body. just because it doesnt work for you does NOT mean its a bad product. you wouldnt sue a company becasue there products made you break out...clean and clear products give me hives but you dont see me sueing them....

if it doesnt work for you then it doesnt work for you.

like i said not every product will work for every body. i find it so strange that some would want to sue a company just beacause it didnt work for you...


Are you for real? Did you NOT hear or understand the repeated statements of MY HAIR FELL OUT!?

How could one NOT consider suing? If not for yourself then for the next unsuspecting consumer.