Chicago, Illinois

I tried WEN through the introductory offer, it works alright, kept my hair moisturizer. Well when I went to check my bank account, I saw a charge for $34.99, and I called right away, first it took for ever to find a number for customer service, so I just called the order number.

The lady I spoke with had a heavy middle eastern accent, I tried to explain to her, that I clicked the one time payment box, not the monthly billing. Then she tried to say that in the agreement states they can charge your acct, because you are on a trial, I was like no, I clicked the one time payment box! Then proceeded to tell her, why do you have two options stating, one time payment, and monthly billing. I just checked out then, I realized they are not going to change their policy, it's deceitful "Hollywood" behavior!

So make sure you read the fine print, and double check your bank acct! I will definitely, not recommend this company, to anyone!!

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