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I received my products of wen hair care March 12, 2014. Really thought that I had found the solution to my exasperating problem-hair issues.

I Immediately rushed to try it out, followed the directions including the recommended daily usage for up to two weeks. Some days my hair seemed better, others it seemed.... well... kinda sick!

It would look and feel oily on my scalp and brittle and dry at and near the tips and yes I left in the little bit as a leave in per recommendation. More often than not, I find myself wearing it up just cuz i couldn't get it to really participate in anything. But hey, better to wear it up than fry it up, right? So I kept this thought in mind and continued to use the products as recommended.

It did grow a little, and the frizz dwindled nicely, but... late late night april 6, 2014, as I routinely combed my fingers through my hair, I felt big bumps on my head. I asked my husband to take a look. He said "whoa, that's really weird!" And took a few pictures.

I looked at them and was appalled beyond incredulity. I know bug bites, I know pimples, and ingrown hairs. I pretty much know what all the common nature maladies look like, but this was a whole new monster. There they were.

The most horrific thing I've ever seen and experienced. Nasty, yellow-green pus pockets unlike anything in all my 25 years. They are about the size of a dime. There are at least three that I have noticeably and painfully felt on the top back of my head.

They are accompanied by tiny bright red dots ranging from the size of a pen tip to just a pin *** mark like size. All Very itchy. Very Very painful. The most painful though would be the pus pockets that Idk what to do about.

Should I *** the big disgusting monsters with a sterilized needle? Or do I just wait it out, as it runs it's course? I feel so let down! Conspired against.

Degraded. And bluntly, I'm pissed off. I really thought everything hair related would get better for me for a change. But then I did some research cuz I don't EVER go to bed upset.

And believe me, tiff I'd the most upset I've been. Needless to say, I should have did my homework well before this but I was a believer. I trusted this would be legitimate. Biggest hair brain mistake I ever made.

The biggest and most vast majority of the ingredients that I read on the bottles and tubes and containers are secretly more lethal to every being than anyone could imagine. I've never had a reaction like this to anything. Ever. Never experienced anything like this in all my 25 years.

But yet... now I feel cursed and cheated. Led on. Falsely advertised towards.

And duped. I feel ignorant for not having it looked into sooner. I've made the calls, complained twice to make sure to iterate how serious and ready to brawl I am. I'm going to get my $$ back.

But then what? I can't just go back to the sulfates and other hair strippers that are prominent in the market place. I've even tried sulfate free shampoos and the partner conditioners And I always end up with the same dreary results. What am I supposed to do now?

And how do I make the itchy red bumps and freakish alien bumps go away asap?!? Because it's painful and I'm so appalled at the audacity of money wielding tyrants indulging in such conspiratorial and destructive concoctions.

I sure hope you are proud to be under the assumption that you can abuse such power. Like you don't have enough but are still so consumed by greed that you have to fool honest, lower middle class ordinary people like me because you are so spoiled that you seemingly have no conscience at all.

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Very good review. I understand your feelings.

My wife fights her hair all the time. She has a conditioner from a salon made by a French company. It leaves her hair shiny, soft with body and holds styling. She uses a hot curler on it every day.

This stuff has an enzyme in it that I can't or she can't find in any other product. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE. $45+ a tube about 1 month supply and it is sold only in high end salons. I'll keep looking.

P&G probably will crack the code. My wife quit blow-drying her hair and this sees to be helping.


Hi there, If you could please fill out this online form: someone from our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team will be able to provide assistance. Thank you. -WEN Customer Care

to WEN Customer Care #814287

BS...I contacted your "so called customer service" more than 3 times, was advised I would have a full refund (after returning this awful product with an authorization number from your CS department)....and got NOTHING but problems. You work for a dishonest company and these many complaints should prove the facts!

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #802852

Try a "No-poo" routine. Basically washing your hair with vinegar and baking soda.

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