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The first time I used this product, my sister used it on me, in combination with several other products she uses, back in April of 2013. My hair looked great when she finished, but I also had mistreated my hair prior to that, so let's just assume that anything I would do to it, would do wonders for my hair.

Then fast forward to August of 2013. It was late at night and I was watching TV and low and behold, the commercial for the WEN product line comes out on television. I start watching the infomercial and listening "CAREFULLY" to the product line sale on the television. They had this amazing deal for 30 bucks and for 40 bucks, bringing several different items, including a free travel kit for making the purchase.

So of course, I was excited to buy it, because I know the product line is expensive. So I go ahead and purchase the product line, for the promotion. After purchasing, you have to create a profile on their website, so if you decide to purchase again in the future from WEN, you can access it and what not. Well, 2 weeks later I get the products and immediately use it.

I did however, do the exact same thing my sister did back in April, which was dye my hair prior to using the product, so my hair looked so shiny and beautiful. To my surprise, I used the product again, and my hair did not have the same result as the initial use. After a day, my hair lost it's wave, became flat and honestly, a bit greasy. I used the product to the exact instructions, the first time, as in the second time and the results were not the same.

So I guess you can say I am a bit disappointed with the long use effect of the products. NOWWWWW, the kicker. A month after my initial purchase, I get an account alert from my bank on transactions, when I log in to check, to my surprise, I see a charge from WEN for close to 50 bucks. I called my bank immediately and disputed the charge, because I did not authorize any purchases of product since my initial purchase.

So my bank placed a note on my account and asked me to contact WEN about the issue. I contacted WEN and boy what a total disappointment. Between the response from customer service, which pretty much summed it up that the whole thing is a marketing gimmick, to literally being cut off by the customer service representative as I was stating my dissatisfaction with everything. It seems that once you purchase the "AMAZING DEAL" you see advertised, you are actually binding yourself to a membership, which is why it's so cheap at the initial purchase.

When while being advertised at no point is it disclosed that your entering a membership with WEN. The customer service representative stated that when I received my initial product, in the documents enclosed it talked about the membership commitment. Really???? You want a customer to know that after the fact, instead of at the initial purchase?

It is common sense, that the average consumer, once a product is ordered, they glance at their statement. What you mainly look at are the charges. If you are being charged what you agreed to pay, and it states that, you don't read on. I believe their marketing team is fully aware of it, which is why it is done in the way they do it.

So as I am expressing to the customer service representative on how I think their whole concept is a gimmick to rob money from consumers, the customer service representative literally begins to speak over me, while I am talking, just trying to cut me off, telling me that I just need to return the items, and I will be refunded the charges and hung up. This is not customer service in the least. I just received last night two emails from WEN. One if for cancellation of the membership, which is also showing a balance of $130 or so and the second email is to provide feedback on my customer service experience.

Please explain to me, how I was just charged by their company 50 bucks, on a product they apparently shipped out, without me truly authorizing it, to now a balance due of $130 without even having products on hand? I stated all of my experiences and concerns on my feedback for this company. I am going to see if in fact I do receive the products they sent me. If I do, I will be sending them back, with the accompaniment of a letter expressing everything again in detail and see how they handle.

If they continue to pursue me for an amount, that I did not agree with and wasn't initially disclosed to me at the time of purchase, then I will report this entire transaction and the product line to consumer reports and whoever else I need to.

This is not the way business is handled. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Not true. It clearly states it's on autoship until you cancel.

I got the deal and then called to cancel within 60 days.

No problem. Don't blame them for your not understanding what you got yourself into.


I've seen all those commercials and they do say at the bottom in fine print that it is a recurring charge unless you call to cancel as consumers we have to be more responsible companies are out to make money so we have to do our part to ensure we are getting exactly what we expect...better luck next time


ripped off


That deal is through Guthy-Renker, and one should never do business with them. If you want a good customer service experience, you need to order with QVC.


I purchase my product on eBay or from Amazon and have no issues with anyone charging anything extra to my account. I love the product !


Funny I was getting to post my issue and decided to read reviews I am currently experiencing the same problem with this company and their customer service !!

Buyers beware ! No promotion your account will be charged !


Report it to better business bureau and tell them that you are going to do that and call ur attorney general ...u will b surprised what a company like this, that cheats people, will do when You tell them BBB or atty gen. Lots of these places will cancel for you to keep from being turned in, just a thought hope it helps though