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Big scam alert!! I ordered one kit via the web ordering system. Was very careful to ensure I only ordered 1 trial kit & did not sign up for repeat orders. Confirmation email indicated only 1 kit and had nothing about receiving repeat orders.

Tried the product. Hair was dry & brittle after using only 3 days. It didn't start out that way.

To my surprise a second package arrived today. Customer service completely unhelpful. According to them I ordered the repeat service. I did not. I can send the package back at my cost - of course.

Ordering product via the web is set-up to scam you and send repeat orders.

Don't buy - not at all what is advertized either in product quality or customer service.

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I have met people that use this stuff, too expensive for me. Their hair, however is gorgeous.


I also ordered on web site. Basic kit $29,95, 60 day garentee.

On the web site they say nothing about charging my credit card 29 days later $37.94, for a 2nd coming shipment 60 day supply & got it Sep.25th,11..

I wasn't warned or asked. Told my credit card, & talked to 2 customer reps. They said if package was unopend, send back & they'd refund my credit card. No, they did not.

I will tell the Atty.Gen., & BBB. :eek


Thank you for the helpful info. I went online to purchase the shampoo, and could find NO opt-out for repeat orders.

This is exactly what ProActiv does and why I refuse to buy their product. My sister was charged over $400 in one year with ProActiv, and I'm sure that Wen engages in the same shenanigans.


Thanks to all who wrote a review. This kept me from trying the product.

They just lost a customer.

Sounds to me like someone at customer service better WAKE UP! :eek


You're not the first and won't be the last to be victims of Gunthy Renker. I have heard so many complaints about how they keep charging people for WEN kits, even after the customer canceled.

It really isn't Chaz Dean's fault. But still, Chaz seems like a very good person. I wish he would stop allowing Gunthy Renker to sell his line. Complain to GR customer service, if you can get them on the phone.

I heard they are rude also.

And tell your credit card company that you canceled, so maybe they can get your money back. You need to keep trying until they do cancel your future deliveries.


:javascript:ac_smilie(':(')( shame on you and you are on QVC shame shame


Yeah, it clearly says that on the web site NOW, when I ordered just two months ago, it didn't say that anywhere!


SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! I ordered the TRIAL OFFER and made sure i wasnt getting a future order deal..

and yet they STILL sent me a $100 kit the following month!!

WHAT RIP OFF *** ARTISTS!!!! :( AND they took the money out of my account!!!