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Wen? by Chaz Dean/Gunthey Renker is a scam. I am a man. I'm a BALD man. I ordered this *** as a gift for my sister and a friend. I was aware they wanted future orders, but I also read you could cancel anytime. I called immediately and was told I would have to call back, since the order wasn't "in the system yet". I called again, noting the calls on my cellular statement, and cancelled the future orders, both times.

Still, they shipped. I called, they shipped, I called, went through a detailed explanation and they said to send it back at my expense. I refused, called Visa, cancelled my card and had the charges reversed.

Then they started emailing me. I plan on filing complaints with the FTC and the CA States Atty's Office; JOIN ME!

AVENGE ME!! What a bunch of lying thieves!

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I had a similar problem with Guthey-Renker sending me extra shipments that I specifically cancelled. This is the first time I have ever ordered something from TV and it will be the last.

It cost me over $100 to put an end to it. Now they keep e-mailing me as a "valued customer" asking me to come back. The amount of time and energy I spent trying to fix this situation was insane.

Don't order this product. Instead just wash your hair with your regular paraben-free conditioner instead of shampoo for a much better result.


Be very caref giving your debit/credit info. Its better to use a prepaid card.

I ordered a 30 day kit wich was suppose to be 9.95 i got it for such a good deal i couldnt refuse. I was very excited. I didnt think it would be a scam since wen is a real website.

So today i che my bank acount and they took $260 from my account! They are getting sued!


Yes, be careful. I would call back in a few days (like today) and reconfirm that your next order and your "membership" have been cancelled.

I went through this with another Guthey-Renker product.

Eventually, through polite persistence they said they will refund the shipping charges on the package they sent without my approval. I have had a lot of problems with G-R on the customer service end of it, even if I've liked the products but had to cancel do to lack of funds.


I just got off the phone with customer service, and the man on the other end was seemingly genuine after trying to talk me out of my cancellation. I explained that I cannot afford to keep using the product, even though I don't have a major complaint with it and that I may want to come back later as a future customer.

He has assured me that he cancelled my order.

Should I be concerned enough to go to my bank and have them refuse charges? If packages continue to be shipped, I will have to refuse them at the post office unless they continue siphoning money out of my account...true?


i just ordered wen a few days ago, and i live in canada so im kinda wondering how long it will take for it to arrive and i am really beginning to panick about this product because i don't want to be robbed and i really need help so please send suggestions asap!