Arlington, Texas

This company is the biggest scam, and not to mention, the conditioning shampoo is a cheap and damaging product!!! I purchased one order for the sweet almond mint conditioning shampoo, deep conditioner, and conditioning mist.

They included a comb, styling cream and Endless Youth vitamins as a "free gift". Little did I know I just locked myself into $280 worth of unauthorized charges to my accts. I spent over 2 hours in one day disputing these charging with a Bank of America representative on the phone with me. I called to cancel the Wen by Chaz Dean hair products and did so and sent every *** product back to them asap.

However, over a month later I did NOT receive a refund and they had no record of the loads of products I sent back. The best part about it?? I asked about the "free" Endless Youth vitamins, asking "do I need to send this back as well?". And the rep.

said "no, that was a free gift, you may keep it." Unfortunately he failed to mention that if you do keep this "free product" you will be locking yourself into 4 payments of around $35!!! Not only did they charge my account for multiple 6-month supplies without my request, but they got a hold of my NEW debit card number AND my OTHER debit card number and then charged BOTH accts. BEWARE when you place an order, they will continue to send products and you must cancel ASAP.

As for the quality of the conditioning shampoo, it is terrible. I am not just saying this because of my experience with the 8 unauthorized charges.

My hair did not improve one bit by using the product, in fact, it became even more dry. I have thick hair with blonde highlights and was looking for some daily deep conditioning to improve the dryness. My hair showed now improvement and just got even worse.

The only pro was the "free" comb I received good to use in the shower with conditioner on your hair. It is a waste of money and does hair no good, especially treated hair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I have been using WEN for over 2 years and fortunately have not experienced this issue. That would be awful.

WHen I agreed to the mail order I did agree to the total amount being spread over three months. I do not have my order sent but about every 4 months. So I usually have one month free of payments to them between orders.

The WEN products are amazing .....I will never use anything else. They way they are charging you definitely sounds like a scam....but The products themselves are awesome and they definitely provide real results.


Please, if you're going to shill for the company, at least don't make it so obvious. Chaz Dean if a French Canadian kid who headed to Hollywood and "reinvented" himself as this Chaz Dean persona.

He has no education, no authority or training to make shampoo and all of his claims about regular shampoo are pure fantasy. I suspect he is buying truckloads of some cheap greasy conditioning shampoo and re-bottling it as this special formula.

And then shills come on here pretending to be satisfied users to keep this idiotic product going. What a scam.