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I started using Wen by Chaz Dean October 2013 everyday. By August 2014 my hair fell out around the edge of my head but all the way around my head.

As time went on it fell out in the drain but I just thought it was usual it was also dry and brittle at the ends so I had to cut all my long hair off to my shoulders. But when my hair fell out in August 2014 I quit using Wen as much and went back to using my Pantene. Never at the time knew Wen could make your hair fall out. I thought it was a good product after all a lot of people used it but I didn't know lots were having the same issues as I had experienced.

Now to know my hard earned money I was spending on a product I thought was helping my hair was the one making it fall out and I live on a totally fixed income but my hair is important. I'll use my Pantene. But I have lots of Wen and no one wants it. So now I have to keep it I cant afford to throw it away in the trash.

Guess my dogs can have lots of shampoo that's if their hair don't fall out also. Thanks Chaz no wonder you can afford the finer things in life and fly on private jets to QVC to advertise your Wen that people like me buy that hurts us in the long run and you get rich.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Wen Cons: Losing my hair when i shampooed, Cost.

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we used pantene always just like you, never thought it was the wen, never crossed are minds.. was last thing just like you, it's 30 bucks had so much faith in it , just went back to patent with no thought besides like you the start of it...

the thinning... I thought it was me because I'm 33.. not my daughter until... we started seeing it in her bed and around it...

she is 13 and in 7th grade. thanks chaz dean. she has infections , dime size burn like thing, irratation looks unbelievable, she has lost 75 % of her hair and had a full head always. doctors visits we did it all, the doctor said it not her , us, scalp test were done etc..

her hair folices are blocked from this and it's getting worse everyday. besides her needing hair, we need this to stop and heal , then If it doesn't grow back, Hair transplants? seriously, why are we going through this? because it comes out now they had complaints and ignored them.

if there was a recall we and many others would not have used it . allyssa malinos kids is it o.k for them to be bald?

or chaz dean let's see all them shave their heads for these kids, cuz my daughter had to go to school like this everyday... thanks.


You can use the leftover wen to shave your legs.