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To the tune of $189 so far, my credit card has been charged for a product I keep returning and I don't want. I even started sending the product back by priority mail with my own $$$$ and still the products keep coming, and still my credit card keeps being charged.

I have written emails, I have made phone calls to the company also, the answer is always the same.

Yes, we will process a refund WHEN we get the delivery, YES we will cancel your credit never happens!

Moral here is NEVER buy from an online promotion!!!!! and be ready to lose money and NEVER get it back.

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If your credit card is still being charged, call your credit card company and send them the proof if you have to that you have returned the product and they are also "claiming" a refund is being processed which you have never received. Most good credit cards will dispute the charge and remove it from your bill until the dispute is over.


I am so glad thie web page is here. I was going to order the Wen Product glad I didn't. Thank you all for your feed back.

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Call your bank and cancel the credit card requesting a new one. There may be a minimal fee for it.

The number they have on file will no longer be valid and no more charges will be applied. I had a similiar situation with a different company ant this is what i did to resolve any further charges.


Dear SuzieQd,

Our corporate customer service escalation team can help you resolve this. Please email e-mail them directly at If you include your name, address and account number (if you have it) and the details of your issue, they can investigate.

Thank you.

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