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I ordered WEN by Chaz Dean haircare line for 29.95. I only wanted to try the system, I found that it was very irritating to my scalp and was like washing my hair with conditioner.

I did not like the product at all. Next thing I know, I'm recieving $120 dollars worth of product and being charged every month to pay for the balance on the large shipment. Needless to say, I was pissed. I called WEN to cancel and the customers service agent was rude, she told me the the order was cancelled and I would not be recieveing any shipments.

I called back to get more information on how to get my money back and return the shipment. Again, I spoke to another rude customer service agent who told me to follow the instructions on the box, we spoke for about 45 minutes trying to understand how I was even automatically enrolled when I did not consent to my order being a recurring order, he could not offer any answers and could not confirm where in the ordering process it said I would be consenting to a recurring order. I printed a copy of the web page at the time I placed my order and no where in there did it mention I was automatically enrolled. I went to the post office and paid an additional $8.00 to return the products.

After confirming its delivery with USPS, I called WEN back to confirm how soon I would be getting my refund. They told me 4-6 weeks for the return to process and be credited back to my credit card. I asked how is it, It takes 2 days to deliver back to the wharehouse but 4-6 weeks to refund my money?, In the meanwhile I explained that online it showed another shipment was "on schedule to arrive in a week, it did not appear that my order was cancelled. The representative is again very rude and offers no help in explaining this other than his assurance that despite what it said online I would not get another package.

I was not comforted by his re-assurance since the last rep said the same things and I still recieved the product, I asked if he could call the wharehouse to get a better idea as to where the package is in the return process and he tells me I just have to wait the 4-6 weeks.

WEN is a rip off, I do not reccomend anyone getting this product. I will be getting in touch with the BBB to file a complaint.

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Samething happened to me. A NIGHTMARE to deal with


I'm sorry to say but you must have missed something because everywhere I have seen, infomerical, website - both state that after 30 days you will receive a 90 supply. No separate concent is needed.

When you order that is what you are consenting to - joining the hair care club. Not sure how you missed that. However, they say you have a 60 day money guarantee or your money back, BUT after/around 30 days you'll receive a shipment. So you can end up with a lot of hassel and product if you don't cancel within 30 days - is how I see it.

One always has to be careful with these kind of companies.

I just received my first shipment so I'll see if I like or not and if I have to deal with Guthy-Ranker and the refund/return policies. I use proactive which is also Guthy-Ranker and have not had a problem but then again, I have returned and demanded a refund.

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