I ordered the 30 day trial $29.99, that's ok, but then the next month they automaticly sent me another order, (I'm not even sure if I like it yet) But on top of that they deduct another $29.99 our of my account, so I cancel the order, that went good but then I get another $29.99 taken out of my account, so I call again to tell them I canced the order and he said that the second shipment was for 90days so thats what the second $29.99 was for and he told me they will be taking another $29.99 out next month, so something that I thought was going to cost me $29.99 ends up costing $100.00. The thing that bothers me, is the person I spoke to never told me that, or I would have returned the shampoo, because I didn't know it was going to end up to be so much money.

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If you really want to try the product, order it from QVC. They have a better return policy and they don't hassle you over refunds. I've been using WEN for about a year and a half and so far I love it.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #403998

Well, I was going to try it, but, thanks to this website, No Way!!!!

I agree with Jennifer, ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT!!!


I was getting ready to order the Wen Product, but Thanks to all you guys I am no longer going to do that...I guess we just can't order something from t.v. because it seems like their always out to get us and that is a *** shame..


I ordered the wen for $29 & cancelled 2 weeks later!! I ask 20 question when I order stuff like this ;)


It says right on the shipment section that they will send you a new dose of the $29.99 shipment every 30 days. And that if you don't want them to you need to call them and directly tell them to cancel your order or you will continue to automatically be charged...


This post was very helpful...I was going to try it out but now I am going to rethink it!!!

Thanks for being honost I do not have 100 $ to give away!!!!!!!!:sigh

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