Manhattan, New York

I recently saw the unbelievable add one late night and decided to try the wen products. I placed the intro kit order and told the sales rep not to charge my card or send me any additional products unless i request such.

The following month I received a supply I called and spoke with a customer service rep and she states I had to get the product first before I can return it and needed to call back. The next month I got charged again and the following month. I just called and was told I needed to sent the product back and it will take 6-8 wks to get my money back. This is so unacceptable and horrible customer service.

When you call to speak with someone they sound like they are having a bad day. I would never recommend nor order any products from them again.

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I am experiencing the same. I just called my credit company and told them to dispute this current charge from WEN and block any future charge from WEN.


Contact the BBB on line , they will get your money back asap. I did with wen hair products and recieved my credit right away, just be glad it isn't making your hair fall out like many others!


I ordered online and you have to call to cancel AFTER you received your package. I cancelled the same day I received mine. That was 3 months ago and there hasn't been any charges on my card;


I agree with this comment. I stopped my initial order when the company started 'bullying' me into the 90 day 'automatic' re-order (onto my credit card.


Because*, Education. lol ***.


Please learn the difference of BY, BYE and BUY before being a *** to someone online. Becaue in turn, you look like the ***.


Only suckers by from late night infomercials or QVC. You get what you pay for.