Yardley, Pennsylvania
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I have made numerous attempts to cancel the delivery of this item to have them still billing my account and sending products, furthermore, I am presently unemployed so my accounts are being overdrawn by this billing and costing me extra money which I do not have at this time. It has been virtually impossible to reach the customer service department so that I may attain a return number in order to return these unopened boxes of product and be assured that my monies will be returned to me.

I have decided to attain a Lawyer in order to get back money and service fees that have been accrued during this dreadful nightmare. IF you have any ideas how I can move forward with this in a timely fashion I would appreciate the advice as I am extremely frustrated at this time and afraid to send anything back and not be able to receive reimbursement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Just started using product 4 days ago. Even used the Re Moist Intensive Hair treatment today.

Not impressed at all.

My hair actually feels drier than before and I do not like the smell of the pomegrante at all. I am sending all of the products back, that includes the free stuff they sent.


PLEASE!!!! Direct your complaints to GUTHY RENKER!!!!


Chaz Dean stands behind his products when purchase through QVC or his own website. GUTHY RENKER IS THE SCAMMER!!!!!


I meant to add that I was told to put 'refused - did not order' on the box and return to sender. The post office scans it and sends it back coded as 'refused'.

My mail carrier told me that he is seeing this scam.

It is a matter of time until FBI starts to investigate for wire fraud, if they haven't started already. I suspect that these sites are monitored for these types of complaints.


This company somehow got my credit card and home information, opened an account on my behalf and took it upon itself to bill and ship me products. This is illegal odviously and they messed with the wrong lady as I will hunt down the perpetrators and make them pay (through the long arm of the law and maybe a few pokes in a voodoo doll that is).

So they either have crooks working for them or as I mentioned in another post they use Epsilon and we all had our info hacked a few months ago. I went to the bank and filed the paperwork to get my money back and changed accounts. Deal with this through the bank.

The company isn't going to give the money back. This scam is happening in their Meaningful Beauty (Cindy Crawford products) arm of the business as well as I was billed and shipped both products.


or you could close your bank account, and re-open a new one. Once I ordered the bare minerals trial.

and then closed my account before it was time for them to take out the money for it.

so I got it for free.! lol.:)


i had this problem before,andi told them that I would be disputing this with my bank, and they paid me back. try this......and good luck


Cancelling the costs are easy - you contact your credit card company and/or bank and first try getting the bank/credit card company to block the company. If this fails cancel the card (which stops the payments & deliveries) Guaranteed GR will contact you regarding the inability to charge your card and try to get a new number.

In the future ALWAYS write down the date, time, full name & ID of anyone you speak with for any company you contact. Keep a logbook and phone records so if you go to court you have proof. Always read the TOS and papers sent with an item for hidden automatic reorder fees, the hoops you need to jump thru for refunds, getting RMA numbers for returns etc. Send everything via US Postal service using proof of reception mailing status.

Keep every receipt until you're sure you have these companies out of your hair (no pun intended] which means at least a year,(I'm currently trying to get rid of BillMe Later which I never signed up for but since PayPal bought them seems they're sharing data. Had to cancel my Paypal credit card to stop the deductions.). Also NEVER go online with the same computer on which you have your business data & passwords stored. I bought a 1/2 TB HD for 60 bucks I keep a copy of my laptop files and my business data.

I unplug it whenever I'm online so no one can steal my data.

I never put anything on Facebook,Twitter etc as these scam companies can follow you via these sites. Hope this helps


I use to work for Wen Haircare call center and I'll just tell you, everyone has the same problem when they order this product. Just to say, its cheaper to buy it of ebay