Wen by Chaz Dean illegally charged my credit card for products I did not request. I initially purchased Wen products and then decided I wasn't pleased enough to make any further purchases.

I called to cancel the order with no problem. I then recieved another shipment even though I had cancelled. I called to CANCEL AGAIN. They assured me it was their mistake and they would not send any further shipments and my Visa would be credited.

This has not happened to date. I ave called, I have written, I am ready to contact the state's Attorney General to inform of this type of business practice. I am also going to find the street address and email address of the Corporate office and attempt to rectify the situation in that manner.

Obviously this is a scam, reputable businesses do not operate in this manner.

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This company is a joke. I cancelled after 30 days.

My card was charged $46, and another shipment was sent. I called, and the guy was rude. I informed him that I would file a small claims suit, he said "go ahead". I sent the box back with "CANCEL" all over it.

They eventually credited me $30 back. I assumed I was done with this company. Three months later, my card was charged again, and another shipment sent. I disputed it through my bank.

I sent the company an email on their website demanding their corporate address for my lawsuit. Finally, I think I am done with them.

They credited the full amount this time. We will see


This is for you and anyone else that has been fraudulently charged by this company:

Contact your credit card company and explain the situation. Tell them that they charged $x.xx dollars to your account without your permission and that they never credited you as promised. They will cancel your credit card and issue you one with a new number and will investigate. More than likely, you will get the money returned to your credit card and they will bounce it on Wen's end.

Good luck.


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