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I ordered this product back in Nov. 11, they charged my account on Dec.

11 without my permission for more product that I never ordered and never received. I cancelled but my money was never refunded!

And now they charged me again on 1/26/2012 $29.95 for a product I didn't order or received!

WHAT A RIP OFF! I'll never order from this company.

When I called they told me that the product costs $94; which I was never told about in the first place and again I never received. This company is dangerous the will steel your money!

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Yes Callmepissed the product is terrible. It feels like it's full of sulphates although they claim it's all natural ingredients. Pfffft what a rip off


Thanks for the advice Urmom I actually had to that otherwise I would of went bankrupt!


Urmom has some good advice up there. I tried their product for a few months, and didn't like it, but they sent me more.

The product made my hair feel oily and limp, so I did not want more.

If you do not open it, and write RETURN TO SENDER on the package, you won't have to pay to return it. Change your card #, and send back the product.


Go to your bank and have them change your account numbers. Just say that someone is accessing it without your permission. If it's a credit card you can do the same thing.

The numbers will change, you will be issued new cards, and these payments will stop because they will need your new numbers.

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