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I've worn my hair in the same style for a long time. I tried wen and although it seemed dry I kept forging forward because a clients hair did so well with it. However, unlike her, I must shampoo everyday since my hair sticks out like a stalk of celery every morning and day old hairspray is on it. Not tons of spray but enough to make it necessary to cleanse.

I worked the product from every angle. More product, less product. Made sure I left plenty in my hair to "condition". Switched to their "6" version intermittently, used the softening styling creme.

After about 7 months it was no longer just seeing a lot of hair in the shower, I started seeing Alfalfa sprouts in my crown and on the part line. I now have 3-4" pieces of hair in my crown that I have to tease to stay in place to cover my bare crown. There's a jump between that hair and my longer hair below it.

I can't afford that much hair loss. No more wen for me. What an awful thing to go through, I had to cut my hair to blend the shorter pieces and here I had been growing it out for a year and was getting tons of compliments on my new look. I'm going back to Derm Organics and my hair will be very full. I loved that wen made my hair so full but beware, cleansing cremes or shampoos that do that are stripping your hair in my opinion.

Review about: Wen Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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