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I fell for it !! WEN !!

Well I'm still saying when ??

The commericals are everywhere... the actresses are attractive and it showed remarkable results soo what is my complaint??

I know several people have reported that it doesn't work or have had hair loss, well those are things that can naturally happen but how about not even getting the product??

I fell for the ads after resisting for a month or so I was intrigued, especially with the individual actors that were using the product... However I ordered the product in December was charged for it at the time and .... it has been a no show ?? It is now February !! Dont get ripped off like I did !!

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Never order from the infomercials or the wen offical site!! They do state clearly in the terms and conditions that you will be charged for auto ship.

I use wen and have never been dumb enough to order from the infomercial. I order from and not only pay less, but get a larger size bottle, also there's no autoship scam involved.

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