Medfield, Massachusetts

I purchased the WEN product line over the phone, received great customer service while placing my order and again while canceling my order.

Tried the product, amazed at the quantity they expect you to use: long hair, 6 to 8 pumps PER section of hair which is 4 sections!

I didn't care much for the sent (not almond mint by any one's nose).

My hair looked oily, (shiny?) I could never get all of it out... I think maybe that is the goal? Anyway, after a few uses my scalp started to itch. Not really bad but noticeable.

So I just now called to cancel. I recommend calling before you send anything back. (Document everything) I was a new customer so they had to transfer me to another department, didn't take long.

First number I called: 800-964-1892, I was transferred to 888-238-5422.

I spoke to Dave, Employee ID# 66357.

I got the employee number of the representative.

Had him remove my credit card from the file so no future payments would be deducted. (this was not offered, I had to ask for this to be done)Otherwise they will continue to charge your card until the product is received back...

Had him tell me EXACTLY how much my refund would be (not just: oh you'll be refunded less s&h). How long before I see the refund?

(refund w/in 4-6 weeks...they process the refund after the product is received back)

Had him tell me what exactly had to be returned to receive the refund. (return all but the 2 free gifts: comb & texture balm)

Had him completely close out my account and give me the return address to send the product back.

Had him tell me how to send it back:

Return by Post office, get a Proof of Mailing receipt ($1.05)

Send to:

WEN by Chaz Dean

PO BOX 360296

Des Moines, IA 50336-0296

I hope this helps! and ladies, sorry about the foolishness remark, I just hate being suckered in - they are just so good at it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I had the same problem. I didn't care for the smell and it did NOTHING for my hair.

I hated having to use so much of the product for long hair. I received a package in the mail that was $140 that I didn't order. I called and told the lady I didn't order it. She said if you order the discounted $39 price it automatically orders it for you and they take the payments out themselves.

I told her their product sucks and she tried selling me other products they sell. It took me 20 minutes to get her to understand that I no longer wanted their product. She started asking about my hair and then offered me more stuff. Finally I just got mad and said give me my money back and I will mail your *** back.

Good customer service, but not a very good product. The commercials lie!!


they told me that is the address to place a order and said to return Wen hair product to send it to 6 commerce way, Arden NC 28704


That is the same address they told me to send it to:

Wen Haircare

6 Commerce Way

Arden, NC 28704


Both Wen Care & Proactiv Solution belong to Genky Renker a very dishonest company.

I was originally told to say nothing but positive comments on here but I cannot anymore. All Wen, Proactiv, Guthy Renker employees are trained to cheat the customer.

Wen is a very dishonest company, they trick you into a recurring subscription without your knowledge, even sign you up from the free gift offers to a subscription offer.

Don't sign up for their introductory Proactiv Solution offer at a special price of $29.95 as they only send you sample bottles & not the full retail size bottles as advertised!! File an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they will assist in getting you a full refund back, I am ashamed of this company


Wow this is uncanny I too was unhappy with they way they charged my card. When I ordered Wen I was told that my payments would always be $29.95, and would be my payments for as long as I was using the products.

Unfortunately I was only charged that low price for the first shipment, the next shipment I was charged $97.84 and when I inquired I was told that it was because I was sent 3 months supply instead of 1. Feeling taken advantage of I decided to cancel my subscription, which as you guys noted cannot be done online. I too shipped my kit back via UPS and when I tracked it UPS has it as being delivered however I am still receiving a bill for $97.48 for the same kit and as if that is not bad enough I have just received a letter from a collection agency, this even after mailing them copies of my UPS receipt and an email showing the tracking information and when it was delivered.

To top that off the collection agency's letter don't have a phone contact nor does guthy-renker letter has a fax number so that I can fax the information to them. This is the worst customer service I ever encounter.


Called to cancel today and would not answer the reps question "why are you cancelling" and she got very upset and said I was preventing her from doing her job. Then she said "ok it's cancelled!" and hung up on me. Awesome.


The product makes my hair feel great ..BUT.... they randomly starting charging my credit card.

It has been a few months now with me yelling at them and getting everything cancelled.

Will never purchase it again.


The unsubscribe link does not work on the daily email I receive from Wen Hair Care. I contacted them and asked to be unsubscribed and was told I would be after my first order. I am not interested in ordering this product and do not wish to receive any more of their daily emails.


I had called Cust Serv to request to extend my 60-day period of my trial kit prior to the date they planned to charge and send my the 90-day supply. The rep.

extended the date but did not stop the shipment and therefore my card was charged. I called a week later and found that it took 7 days to authorize my refund of $105.xx. The refund took another 7 days and the additional supply finally arrived. I got an RA# and will send back both the 30 & 90 day kits.

I will have to wait 4-6 weeks on the kit return. It worked well for me but too expensive so I discontinued it. I did find that their system is NOT automated and everything is manual; unless I was told incorrectly.

I can't imagine with Gunthie Renker's reputation that they would offer such bad service. It's not over yet for me, I have yet to find out the cost for the return and yet to receive my kit refund.


Hmmm.. I love the way my hair feels after I use it and I only wash my hair every other day. I don't use near as much as the instructions say to use.


I took the exact same steps as "HereIam", but sent it via UPS. I followed all instructions provided by the WEN Rep.

I requested a delivery confirmation, but no one could/or would sign for the package. UPS left a post card for the PO Box owner to contact UPS about claiming the package. No one from WEN ever called UPS, so UPS returned it to me. Now I'm out another 12$ just trying to get MY original 90$ back.

I'm calling my Credit Card company to refuse payment. Money back guarantees are just legal loop hole scams.


I was disappointed not so much in the product, but by their unauthorized charge the following month when I did not receive additional product. (by the way, the stuff is just okay - makes your hair just flat - okay I guess if you are trying to remedy frizzy hair)

Anyway they were charging me for an automatic monthly replenishment which I did not request. They charged my bank account but had never even sent the the next shipment. I cancelled, asked for a confirmation number, the agents name and number and was told my account would be refunded within 48 hours. Mind you - this is Guthy-Renker.

I also notified my bank that I did not authorize any further deductions by Guthy Renker.

In addition to my phone call to cancel with Guthy-Renker customer service, I emailed Guthy-Renker by their 'contact us' link on the GR website.

Hoping I will get my refund and no further charges to my bank account (they almost overdrafted my account with this unauthorized charge!)

Recommendations: buy Wen only through QVC or find it on eBay. Have seen other complaints on line where folks are not getting refunded by GR and are still being charged monthly for product they don't want.