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I placed an order of Wen in Oct. 2011. I have VERY FINE, THIN, shoulder-length hair. Generally, I use less than the "recommended" amount of most hair care products due to the fact that I have what I call "skinny hair". I expected the same with Wen. I have NEVER emptied a hair care product prior to its estimated supply/time.

When I received the product, which I thought was a 30 day supply - two 16 ounce bottles, I was excited and followed the recommended usage amount on the bottle. I adjusted the quantity I used to less than recommended. I expected to receive another package of a 90 day supply prior to 30 days following the first delivery (which, what I thought would be six 16 ounce bottles). When I didn't receive another shipment I called the 800 number for customer service. I was informed that the first shipment I had received WAS a 90 day supply! I was astounded! WTF! How could I have used up close to HALF of the 90 day supply in 5 weeks on MY skinny hair when I didn't even use it every day?? When I asked the customer service rep how WEN based the pumps per use average for 90 days, she said she didn't know. I decided to figure it out. I still had one unopened 16 ounce bottle. My results:

1 pump = 1/2 teaspoon (96 t. = 8 oz) 192 pumps per 16 oz. bottle = 384 pumps per 32 oz (Wen's "90 day supply")

Pumps per use/ Uses

15 25.6

12 32.0

9 42.6666

6 64.0

4 96.0


WEN has estimated that if used once daily for 90 days 4.2666 pumps per use is sufficient on average or, if used every other day (45 uses) for 90 days 8.55 pumps per use is sufficient or 12.8 pumps per use (30 uses) two days between uses is sufficient.

In MY opinion WEN is knowingly ripping off consumers. I don't know ANYONE who washes their hair on average, only 3 times per week...

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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If you actually do your research you're not supposed to was your hair as frequently with cleansing conditioners (aka Wen) so 2 or 3 times a week is what you are SUPPOSED to be doing


I only wash my hair once every 10-16 days. This helps prevent flakey, dry scalp and hair breaking and keeps my hair very soft and shiny. I think Wen may be targeting consumers (such as myself) that have already switched to a more natural hair care process and are looking for further progression in the same direction.


I also only wash my daughter's and my hair once a week at most.